Link Between Smoking And Skin Damage

Great lines by Mark Twain “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it 1000 times.”  Mr. Twain’s words hold true if I was to be asked and if someone would expect an honest reply from me.

smoking-and-skindamageIt is true as holding a cigarette, having a puff makes us feel out of the world, splendid and quite relaxed. But have we ever thought what effect it has on our body, on your vital organs, and our skin.

Many research articles have proved that smoking and skin damage go hand in hand and your smoking habit has a direct bearing on your skin. It is quite unbelievable for the ones who have made smoking a habit. Many of us are even aware of the effects of smoking, but it becomes difficult for us to give up something which has been become a routine over a period of time, and we develop an inclination towards it. If you once come to know about the facts as to what smoking can do to your skin, you might think twice.

Many of us believe that smoking just affects our facial skin and little was known in terms of the effect of smoking had on skin in general. Smoking can lead to the skin losing its radiance, its natural shine and vitality, making it dull and lifeless. Not just this, smoking can also lead to wrinkles on the face which makes you look older over period of time. It can also lead to discolouration of the skin as well.

One of the shocking facts about smoking is that, just as the way passive smoking can have an adverse effect on many of your vital organs including your heart and lungs, it holds true when it comes to skin dullness due to second hand smoke exposure. Exposure to passive smoking for long hours leads to premature aging, which is quite startling. It may be very difficult for one to imagine in his wildest dreams that passive smoking leading to many problems and may be quite shocking as well but it is actually very true. One may not think much while standing close to their friends, teammates while they are having their puff but when he or she becomes aware of the causes of smoking it would apparently shock them.

A direct link emerges between smoking and skin disease. There is no placid way of saying that smoking cigarettes ages your skin faster than anything else. If you are quite inclined to smoking and made it your habit, probably you have only one solution to it, you have to discontinue. The aging effect of smoking is worst for women as they are more likely to develop a smoker’s face than male smokers.

One may wonder how smoking affects skin damage and probably at what speed it does.  To start off with it all starts with the free radicals that are formed in one’s body as when he/she is exposed to tobacco smoke. Free radicals are very powerful molecules that can cause damage to cell DNA. These cells then start behaving randomly producing range of responses that makes your skin age faster and makes you look older.

It won’t be wrong in saying that your smoking habit has a direct impact on how young your skin looks. If you are worried about your skin, the best thing you could do is quit smoking NOW. Effects of smoking can be reversed if precautions are taken in an early stage, and too if you are lucky enough.

So in the end it’s all about your tender, beautiful skin which wishes to glow and breathe the fresh air around you. Many of us are unaware about the effects of smoking on our skin. It makes our skin older, and it is more valid in case of passive smoking as it leads to premature aging.