How Smoking Can Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

For many men cigarette smoking can just be something that makes a strong style statement, whereas for some men it might be a regular habit which they cannot avoid. In spite of many cigarette brands giving those warning messages right on top of the cigarette packets, men tend to smoke.

Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

The habit of smoking is very much difficult to avoid as slowly and steadily it becomes a part of life. Amongst many injuries that occur in a human body one that might surely make you think of leaving the habit of smoking would be the problem of erectile dysfunction in your body. Sex plays a very important role in a human beings life.

Lack of erection or impotence may cause various clashes between 2 loving couples. There are even instances that if a woman is dissatisfied by the sexual pleasure from her partner there are chances of an end of relationships too. The reasons why these points have been strong mentioned are because out of 70% erectile dysfunction problems caused among men, 50% is caused due to frequent habit of smoking. Therefore, it is better we control the habit of smoking or else it might lead to a major set back in our sexual life which we would never want.

Erectile dysfunction is mainly caused due to the lack of blood flow to the penis that is very much necessary to maintain erection during intercourse. Frequent inhaling of carcinogen-laden for a long period of time which is their present in every cigarette you puff in, slows the flow of blood in our penis due to which erectile dysfunction causes. Frequent smoking unwontedly reduces a male’s capacity to get long time erection or even impotence at some major cases. Smoking has a huge negative impact on the heart that helps pumping the blood to the whole body. The hearts of the regular smokers need to work immensely hard to pump the blood in order to reach the male sex organ.

There are times when the flow can eventually become weak as the day passes and stops leading to no erections as well as impacting the strength and desire of a mans sexual desire. The tar and nicotine contents that are available in cigarettes are very much like a curse to a human body which if possible one needs to avoid. It has an adverse effect on the lungs thereby leading to hardening of the arteries. Due to a huge amount of tar and nicotine consumption by means of frequent smoking the heart needs to work harder in order to maintain the frequent flow of blood to a male sex organ. This cardiovascular disease is very much wise thing to be negotiated or else there is no ways that you will suffer from an erectile dysfunction. At a very young age you may surely not want to end your sexual desires therefore, it would be a very wise thing for you to avoid smoking as much as you can so that your erection stays with you for a long age.