Effective Ways To Quit Smoking Easily

Smoking is one of the deadly diseases and major cause of death in the whole world. Smoking is a slow poison that affects almost every organ in the body. In America, one in every five deaths occurs due to smoking. Smoking can cause you lung cancer, heart diseases, blindness and the list goes on.Quit-SmokingAlthough it is difficult to get rid of smoking addiction, it is not impossible at all. Following are the ways through which you can put an end to this habit and stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Understand Yourself

The first step towards quitting smoking is to know how addicted are you this deadly habit. Firstly, keep a record of how often and the occasions you go on to light up a cigarette. By doing this, you can get an idea about the reasons that drive you to smoking. At the end of the day, try to read and analyze if it was necessary to smoke at all those occasions and if all your reasons are justified. Understand the fact that smoking cannot solve any of your problems but can definitely create many problems.

Single Cigarette For 24 Hrs

Initially, you may find it difficult to control your craving and stick to the policy of one cigarette a day if you are addicted to smoking too much. All you need to do is motivate yourself by realising that you rule over your habits and not your habits over you. Another idea which can be useful is smoking cigarette part by part. Whenever you feel like smoking, light the cigarette to have only one or two puffs, then put it off and save it for the next crave.

Do It For Your Loved One

Make a deal with your partner. Promise him/her that you would not smoke without seeking his/her permission. More importantly, try to keep the promise you make.

Fight With Your Crave

Keep your mouth busy by chewing gum or eating fruits. Whenever you get the craving for cigarettes, divert your mind by getting into a conversation with your loved ones or friends. Have green tea which not only will freshen up your mood, but also keep you miles away from your crave.

Think About How Much You Spend On Addiction

Calculate how much money you have spent since you have started. Oh! Did you saw that figure? Couldn’t it have been great if you had saved all that money? Or you want to keep spending on such an unbeneficial habit? If no, then it is time you bid farewell to smoking and try to accumulate money for better purposes. Invest that money in good things by buying something for you or your family.

Take It As A Challenge With Your Friend

Bet your friend that you won’t smoke. Tell your friend that if you fail, then you would gift him/her something very expensive.

Whiten Your Teeth

Visit a dentist and get your teeth cleaned which are stained due to smoking. Take a photograph of your bad teeth before treating them. See that photo whenever you feel like smoking and of course you would not want to get back there.

Light Something Else  

If you feel like lighting something, then light some candles or incense; you can enjoy soft light of candles and beautiful aroma.

Imagine Your Life As Non Smoker

Think how different your life would be – healthy, happy, and adorable. And of course you would not want your children to follow this path in future. This way, you would even set a good example for them.

Who Don’t Like Gifts Or Rewards?

This tip is for the family, spouse and friends of the person who is going to quit. Give some nice gift or plan something for completing a month without smoking. Make the person feel that he/she has taken a very brave decision and that he/she is really doing well. Boost their confidence.

Decide A Specific Day And Stick To It

No matter how difficult it is for you, decide a particular day for stepping into a new healthy lifestyle. Tell your loved ones about the day. You can arrange small tea party on the same day so your close friends can come to know about your decision. Destroy that cigarette, cut it into two parts and take a pledge that you won’t smoke anymore.

Trust Yourself That You Will Be Through

Think that you have taken the best and a brave decision and stick to it. You are doing great; you are making your loved ones happy. Believe in yourself and make it possible.