12 Free Tips That Makes You Forget About Smoking

Quit_smokingWe all know that smoking is considered to be a bad habit not because your parents or your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t like you smoking but because it’s not healthy and leads to many problems.

1. The best way to overcome the smoking habit or not think about it when you have quit is to engage yourself in other activities that don’t disturb your mind and that does not make you impatient when you don’t smoke. It is important that you read about the effects of smoking on one’s health so as to be briefed about what smoking leads to when not quit and its other side effects on an individual’s body.

2. Be patient once you quit smoking. It is not an event but a process which takes a long time. Sit back, take a chill pill, relax and think about all your friends who have quit smoking and are at rest.

3. Don’t worry about the future but focus on today and try to avoid thinking what can lead you back to the undesired habit of smoking. Detach all those habits, near dear ones that make your way towards the smoking path but think of your best interests

4. Don’t abandon yourself but start enjoying, take a well-balanced diet, consume fibrous dietary substances, do not take unnecessary stress. Have a gala time with your loved ones. Exercise and give your body complete rest. Do not forget to drink lots and lots of water every day.

5. Don’t consume alcohol even if you wish to. Smoking and drinking are two sides of the same coin. When you drink you somewhere feel the urge to smoke or at least take one puff and the process starts wherein you start smoking again.

6. Don’t overdo things unnecessarily. Taking stress or anger are triggers that lead one to smoke. So avoid it and stay away from things which add on to your temper.

7. Don’t stress your mind by taking everything seriously. Try to forget things and give people chances. When you burden yourself with things which are of no use you tend to drag yourself towards stress and anger which again can lead to smoking

8. If you face any problem when you trying to quit smoking do not hesitate to ask for help. There are many smoking cessation forums that help you get away with smoking and provide you beneficiary ways on how to not think about smoking and evade such thoughts from your mind

9. Thoughts like just one cigarette, that’s it is completely wrong. Be determined when you have quit smoking. One puff or one cigarette could lead you back to smoking forever.

10. Remember the reasons for you to quit. The foremost reason would be anything for you. Try not to forget it as that is your driving force.

11. Remain calm and composed during this period of smoking cessation as anything can lead to an obstacle when you have decided to quit smoking.

12. Try and be happy for the reason you have decided to quit smoking. Do not deviate from you goal. It may seem easy but is not impossible.