Low Libido In Men – What Can Be The Reasons ?

Low Libido In MenFor a woman, all men want only thing. Men are least interested in talk and more interested in action. But, still, this is fine with women. But there are few men who don’t have a low sex drive or don’t have it at all. No matter what, they don’t feel like having it at all. This is caused by the low libido in them. It is said that a man loses his interest towards sex as he grows old but this condition can be found in any men despite the age. If it is not taken care on time then it can make a man an asexual person, i.e. a person who doesn’t have any interest in sex.

Causes for low libido or less sexual drive:

  • Relationship problems: It is often found that a person’s sexual drive declines if he is going through a problematic relationship. If he is not happy with the woman he is with, his desire to have sex with that person would decline and gradually he might lose interest in other women to because of the on-going problems.
  • Health problems: If you have any medical health problem like diabetic, high blood pressure, HIV or cholesterol then there are chances that you’ll have low sex drive. This diseases and problems can affect your sexual health.
  • Illegal drug: Using illegal drug is harmful to your health. It not only affects your health but also your sexual health by making your libido low.
  • Depression: As we are aware that depression affects our health in various ways. It not only invites various problems but also affects your sex drive. When you’re depressed you don’t feel like having sex. The more long you keep yourself in this state the more you lose interest.
  • Obesity: Obesity is the reason behind various health related problems. Among those problems one problem is low sex drive. Yes, the more fat and obese you’re the less sex drive you’ve.
  • Hormones problems: Sometimes, where there is hormonal imbalance one can go through lower sex drive. It is better that you find out the solution for this by meeting your doctor and consulting him/her else it could lead to other various problems.
  • No time: In today’s world, we so much occupied with our work that we don’t find time for the sex. Due to this lack of time, sooner or later you would turn into an asexual man. It is good if you take out time for yourself and have sex.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Low sex drive is an easy result of erectile dysfunction. It is better that you treat your ED soon else you would keep on loosing the drive and then won’t have any sexual life.

Losing libido is a serious problem. Experts say sex is an important part of our life. It is important that a person should have the drive to have sex. When this drive slows down the person can face many troubles; both in personal and sexual life. It is better that you know the causes and deals with it within the time. Don’t become an asexual person.