How To Maintain Good Health In Your Old Age

Maintaining a good health in old age is not at all easy task, it is achievable only if you have a habit of doing good things from your young age. Health can be maintained good with the proper nutritious diet, exercises and routine check-ups. Special care of health is necessary; as during the old age resistance becomes less and the body is more likely to suffer from infections.
senior exerciseIn order to live you old life happy, you need to follow the tips mentioned here:


Healthy food is common for all the ages. When people start getting older, the risk of having poor diet increases; as old people suffer from problems like chronic diseases, oral diseases and such other type of diseases. Weight loss is more observed in old people as compared to weight gain issues; this is due to improper nutrition. Lack of good diet creates deficiency of vitamin, iron, protein and other important factors.

Make sure you are having right calcium intake so that you don’t have to suffer from osteoporosis. In this age calcium form bone decreases. Osteoporosis is mostly seen in women; almost 70% women in old age develop this bone disease. You can take calcium supplements as well or foods that are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin D.

Maintain Proper Weight:

When the process of aging starts, maintenance of good health becomes necessity. Weight should not be too much as it can lead to serious problems further. Don’t have diet with excessive fats. Fatty diet can increase your weight which can cause health risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. Protein intake should be appropriate around 1-1.5 gm/kg. Those people who are physically weak can have more protein intake. Milk with not fatty contents has to be consumed and prefer having dry food stuffs. You should be active physically so that you don’t have to face problems in old age. Don’t make an issue if your body is paining instead do exercises and get rid of it.


In order to achieve physical independence, healthy exercise is essential in old age. The exercise should be like aerobics, swimming, walking, dancing, playing badminton, and few others. Senior and Tai chi can give you good health, flexibility and also helps in maintaining balanced weight. If you don’t know how to do the exercises in a right way then appoint a personal trainer and he’ll guide you properly.

Go for such exercises that interest you so that you’ll enjoy doing it. Don’t overdo exercises, go slow initially. Form a group with your friends and enjoy it together. You can also join a laughter group, it is fun!

Live Life Stress Free:

Now, if you’ve become old, don’t consider everything as your responsibility. Tensions are part of life, but now you have started aging so reduce your stress and make yourself stress free. Stress can give many problems including heart problems and blood pressure problems, which take your life at risk. Consider spending time with nature and your grandparents and enjoy. Don’t just burden yourself with work and responsibilities. In this age you can complete all your desires you had in your childhood like having candies, candy floss, watching movies and roaming here and there with cycle etc.