Soda Habits – Ill Effects And Tips To Quit

According to statistics, the intake of soda in a year by American’s (alone) is more than 13 billion gallons. Though soda is a chosen favorite, the pros it can boast of are negligible. Find out the cons and ways to get rid of this habit through this informative piece.

soda-habitsTo have a quick snack at the junk food outletis harmful, but to add a carbonated drink to your meal for a few cents is even worse. Sodas are a clear favorite. Natural drinks like water, milk and fresh fruit juice are taking a backseat. Although it appeals to your taste buds and palate, consuming soft drinks is extremely unhealthy.


Out of our total body weight, water makes up for an approximate 60 percent. Through regular actions like breathing, sweating and urination we lose water. The reason we feel thirstier on a sunny day is due to sweating significantly leading to parched throats.

A full grown adult on an average should consume at least 2-3 liters of water in a day. Replacing this requirement with soft drinks that possess caffeine and high sugar content promotes dehydration in the human body.

Higher Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases And Diabetes

Soft drinks behold significant amounts of sugar. A normal serving of cola possesses 3.3 tablespoons. Guzzling such a large quantity will automatically elevate your blood glucose levels. This is the easiest way to invite cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Weight Gain

When a human body consumes more calories than it burns, weight gain takes place. A normal drink of cola contains 140 calories. Since these calories are hollow and provide no nutritional value they are also termed as ’empty calories’. People addicted to cola on an average drink at least one can or more in a day. This is equivalent to gaining 12 pounds over a year.  The worst piece of fact that soda brings along is that sweet and flavored soft drinks allow cravings for sugary foods.

Calcium Depletion

Consuming too much soda also means consuming high amounts of phosphoric acid that causes depletion of calcium. This ingredient in sodas is responsible for weak bones and teeth. This might lead to a condition of brittle bones or poor bone development called osteoporosis.

Tips To Avoid Addiction Of Soda

Find out the reason why you think you are giving up on soda. Try taking a look at the bills from your cola purchase and design productive ways to spend that money or save it alternatively. If you read the previous disadvantages carefully, you might want to give it up this very instant.

But old habits do die hard, so stock up on the alternatives. Fresh fruit juice, a cup of tea of coffee without sugar, flavored water or milk should replace your soda stock. You may not be able to eradicate cola entirely from your life instantly, so try keeping a tab on your overall consumption and compare the calorie intake with your daily essential calorie intake chart.

Make a schedule graph for your quitting regime. Slowly but steadily push it off entirely from your diet. From all the soda you are used to purchase, reduce bulk purchasing efficiently. Keep reminding yourself constantly and every time you feel thirsty consume water or any other healthy fluid.

Like every other vice in your life, this one’s tough as well to give up. But once you are strong willed to get fit and redeem that health, there is nothing that can stop you.