What Are The Most Common Adverse Effects Of Hair Coloring?

These days, you would see various people coloring their hair. Some simply used dye to cover up their grey hair whereas few use them to enhance their personality and there are few to just have a fancy look. There are maximum people who opt for hair coloring these days.

Young woman with long curly hairWell, these coloring of hairs could lead to the various health issues. People are normally not aware about all the possible problems. Listed below are the conditions which can arise after coloring of hair.

1)  Skin Irritation:

It is not necessary that everyone’s skin would react the same way to the chemicals. There are many who might face skin irritation. This would include the burning of the skin, red rashes, itching and discomfort. If you get any of the above symptoms then it is advised to stop coloring as if continued, it would trigger severe skin problems.

2)  Hair Breakage:

This is quite natural. Whenever your hair comes in contact with the harmful chemicals they get weak. This weakness would start affecting them and you might witness breakage of hair. This could be serious as if continued to color the hair despite getting this symptom, you would start looking hair at a very fast rate.

3)  Allergic Reactions:

There are many who start getting allergic reactions in their skin soon after coloring their hair. It is understood that the colorful hair provides you a new look but that doesn’t mean that you would continue to do it even if you’re getting allergic reactions.

4)  Breast Cancer:

The study done is also to co-relate the breast cancer with the chemicals used in coloring the hair. It is important that you stop it or reduce the usage of it just to take proper care of your health.

5)  Eyes And Scalp Infections:

As hair color uses various kinds of chemicals, they may cause bad effects on the eyes and the scalp. It is necessary that you stop using it when you start to witness any sort of problem in your eyes and scalp.

6)  Skin Discoloration:

The hair has proteins. With the usage of chemicals, the hair may lose all the important protein. Not only that, the skin of the scalp would start to get some patches which would affect the personality of a person badly. This demands special care while applying color to the hair, if you wish to.

7)  Bladder And Other Cancers:

Apart from relating the hair color to the breast cancer, the studies has also relates it to cancers of other kinds. The harmful colors might get inside the body through pores and can travel to various part of the body through the blood. This would then cause cancer.

It is understood that the hair coloring is the latest fashion these days. But one needs to understand that this could also have some adverse effects to your health. Just for the sake of a new look or a personality, you can’t risk your life. It is advised to understand and know that adverse effects in your health and act accordingly.