Hair Loss

Hair Care Tips Do’s and Don’t
May 27th, 2015

Healthy hair is something that most of us dream of; we spend a lot of money and time taking care of our hair. However, have you ever wondered how your hair is exposed to harmful chemicals that damages your hair locks. Some unhealthy habits and cosmetic issues like drying, curling, and straightening leads to hair damage and hair loss. Hair care tips can be beneficial for everyone who wish to have a healthy and shiny hair. This article will explain few do’s and don’ts to maintain a healthy hair.

Avoid wrong methods for hair care
Things You Do Wrong While Brushing And Blow-Drying
January 16th, 2014

Hair-loss may be the biggest problem and we mainly curse our oil and shampoos, instead never look the habit we possess. Therefore we have asked several experts and got few habits that are even worst and we cover it without knowing. Read this piece to know habits.

Nutrition for healthy hair
Armed With 6 Nutrition For Better And Healthy Hair
November 26th, 2013

Hair is most seductive and beautiful when they are healthy and thick, but we don’t care much about it. Hence, now it is time to contemplate on your hair with this write-up, which will assist you to gather some information on it.

hair loss natural treatment
Natural Cure to Encumber Hair Loss, Must Try!
October 29th, 2013

If you search for natural hair loss treatments, then you will get a vast list of supplements, creams and tonics, etc. However, do they really serve the purpose? Let us explore some tested and safe natural treatments to combat hair loss.

Unusual and Alarming Reasons for Hair Loss
9 Unusual And Alarming Reasons For Hair Loss
October 22nd, 2013

This article will talk about 9 uncommon and frightening causes of hair loss. Read further to know about these reasons in detail.

Hair Thinning Treat Naturally
Struggling with Thinning Hair – Treat them Naturally
October 18th, 2013

Losing some strands of hair every day is natural, but when it is more, it is a reason to be concerned. If the condition is supplemented with hair thinning, then you need to act immediately. Let us learn some natural ways to get rid of thin hair, and get strong and luscious locks.

Hair Loss Problem – A Universal Dilemma
September 28th, 2013

Hair loss or hair fall also medically known as alopecia is a common condition affecting millions of men and women worldwide. The causes can be hereditary, medications or some underlying medical condition. Let us take an in-depth into this universal dilemma.

Hair loss
What Are The Alternative Ways To Treat Hair Loss In Men?
August 19th, 2013

Male hair loss can be attributed to several factors including genetics, stress, medications, environmental changes, infections, hectic lifestyles and the falling standards of our nutrition and diet among many other factors. Read on further to know about some alternatives ways to stop hair loss in men.

5 Commands To Fight Hair Loss!
July 27th, 2013

Human body is bundle of problems, there are many from head to toe. But it is seen that we are so ignorance when it come to our hair loss, so before we turn to baldness let know some tips that are natural and easy to adapt.

Think Before You Get Your Hair Coloured
July 22nd, 2013

There many Unknown and Dangerous Facts about Getting your Hair Coloured. Hence, it is advised to do is as less often as possible.

Dangerous Facts About You Getting Your Hair Coloured
July 15th, 2013

Today everyone likes to look stylish and sport various looks. They keep good care of their appearances in order to be attractive in close circles and impress their friends. Colouring hair is one of the most popular fashion statements of the youth. Even the middle aged people colour their hair.

Hair Loss – Top 7 Essential Vitamins
July 13th, 2013

Excess hair loss is a condition associated more often with old men, but it might also affect women as well as adults today. Causes are several for this condition ranging from genetics to scalp inflammation and use of harmful hair products.

Hair gain Natural Method
Effective and Natural Methods for Hair Gain
June 7th, 2013

At times, you might feel that there are some miraculous ways to regrow your hair overnight. However, this is not true. Read further to find out natural ways for hair gain.

Alopecia- Symptoms, Causes And Treatment
March 30th, 2013

One has to take care of what he or she eats. Eating healthy food should be made a habit. Do not take stress though the daily life demands so. Stress is one of the major reasons for loss of hair as we tend to take too much of tension which leads to heavy hair loss. Consult a doctor when you feel the symptoms so that the illness doesn’t reach the stages where it becomes difficult to take steps

Young woman with long curly hair
What Are The Most Common Adverse Effects Of Hair Coloring?
March 6th, 2013

Hair coloring is the fashion these days. Many people go for different kinds of hair colors. Well, they might look good or may enhance your look but you should remember that there are some adverse effects of these colors in health too. Let’s have a look at them.