Hair Loss – Top 7 Essential Vitamins

Irrespective of the factors that cause hair loss, it is an embarrassing and distressing situation affecting the self-esteem and self-confidence of the sufferer.

vitamins for hair loss

To deal with the problem, several products have been made available in the market. You may deal with hair loss by consuming the right vitamins and in right quantities.

  • Vitamin A

It helps in the maintenance as well as growth of hair and skin. It even regulates the fusion of retinoic acid in your hair follicle. Vitamin A is highly beneficial for growth of hair. You can apply it to hair shaft as well as massage your hair.

  • Vitamins B

These vitamins assist hair growth by allowing the body to deal with stress, as stress is known as one of the primary reasons for hair loss. A type of B vitamin known as Inositol is known to speed up the hair growth. Further, B12 is another vitamin, which prevents loss of hair, as this vitamin is the component of your hair itself. Several individuals lack this vitamin particularly vegetarians, as B12 is usually found in eggs and meat.

  • ┬áVitamin C

It helps your body in absorbing iron required for hair growth. Our body cannot make vitamin C on its own and thus, you ought to intake food items or supplements that contain Vitamin C. Intake loads of vegetables and fresh fruits. Suggested intake is 1000-2000 mg on a daily basis.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D prevents hair loss extensively. It reduces loss of hair by stimulating your hair follicles and cells that jointly form hair shaft. The suggested vitamin D intake is 1000 IU on a daily basis.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E creates capillaries in your body enhances the flow of blood on hair scalp stimulating growth of hair. Thus, having 400 IU of vitamin E daily in your diet will stimulate hair follicle to grow more hair. You may also massage your hair with vitamin E for enhancing flow of blood to scalps.

  • Folic acid

A vital member of B complex, it is necessary for your body in the production of RBCs or red blood cells. Folic acid is available in lentils, papaya, peas and collard greens. Make sure that you check with your doctor to find out the right amount of folic acid that you need to intake depending on your body and health conditions.

  • Biotin

Commonly found in most of the over-the-counter hair care products, the skin cells cannot readily absorb it. It means that topical application of biotin will not give the desired results. Note that the deficiency of biotin is the primary cause of baldness with signs such as hair loss on body, face and scalp. You may easily treat this condition by taking supplements containing adequate or required amount of biotin.