Think Before You Get Your Hair Coloured

hair_colouringAll ladies on this earth like to look beautiful, slim and want dazzling hairs. They can go in any extreme and do what not to have stunning and attractive hairs. Nowadays hair color is used by not only women but also by men. There are amazing brands and varieties available in the market and the industry are coming with a new attractive range every day. But does someone knows that, looking great with hair colours does not involve only time and money, it also involves risk and some dangerous facts which can damage your hairs and health.

Some Of The Dangerous Facts About Hair Colour

Fertility Issues-Most of the uncommon and unheard fact about the hair colour is that it can cause fertility issues for the one who is using it and also for their generations. The chemicals used are so harmful that while we breathe the smell, we never know what kind of reaction it will have in our body and will harm the rate of fertility.

Risk Of Cancer– People has high chances of being a cancer patient which can be caused due to the chemical reaction of the fumes of the colour. This applies to not only to the person who is in salon all the time and breathing the chemical reactions, but also to the person who is sitting in the environment of colour smells and breathing in that kind of polluted air. Regular usage of dark hair dyes can open the chances to get blood cancer as well. It is said that the people regularly around the fumes of the chemicals of colours are prone to breast cancer.

Affecting Nursing/Pregnant Mothers-The hair colour can harm the nursing mothers and also the babies inside. The high levels of the stink of the colour used will not only affect the mothers but can affect the baby while breathing in the acidic air around.

Irritation Of Skin – Hair colour can often cause problems like itching, red skin, uneasiness, burning issues in our skin or scalp. The problems doesn’t arise at the time or the day colouring your hair; but it could arise after a day or two which can damage the skin or make you discomfort as well. Sensitive people can also have eye or ear irritation.

Allergic Reaction– It can also cause allergic reaction to sensitive people which may cause heavy scalp or uneasiness in scalp or breathing problems. This can also cause high fever or difficulty in breathing or pain in joints.

Hair Loss– Hair colour is done to look amazed, but use of regular and over chemicals can cause hair damage, loss and breakage. Although there are so many treatments available, but the best one is stop using chemicals and open for natural colours.

Discoloration–In case if the hair colour is not used properly, it can cause change in colour near around the scalp or hairlines causing discoloration and can be harmful to skin.

Asthma Attacks – People around the places of hair colour are more prone to Asthma attacks compared to the one who are not around.