Propecia – The Wonder Drug For Male Pattern Baldness

Propecia has been a popular treatment for premature balding and hair loss in men. Apart from stress and lifestyle disorders, one of the common factors behind hair loss in men is hormonal malfunction.

Propecia for Hair Loss

In what can also be called has male pattern baldness, the hormone to be blamed here is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is a male hormone that is found in the scalp. DHT’s androgenic activity causes adverse effects on the hair follicles to break down and malfunction after which they stop producing hair.

Propecia has anti-androgenic properties which inhibits DHT levels and thus saves and repairs the malfunction. It deals with the root cause of the problem and avoids future hair loss, producing a lot of happy men!

Reportedly, a five year study has shown that Propecia has succeeded in 90 percent of the male pattern baldness cases. While some men have seen results within six months of Propecia, two years of religiously using the drug has proved to be successful in 99 percent of the cases. Most importantly, Propecia is a Food and Drug Association (FDA) approved drug for the treatment of male pattern baldness.

Its success rate has resulted in Propecia being the popular and most trusted choice amongst men ever since the drug was introduced in the market. Men who lose confidence with the loss of hair have resorted to Propecia to bring back their lost crowning glory, confidence and an image they desire to project amongst their peers and the society.

Also, men do not refrain from paying exorbitant prices for Propecia, regardless of the fact that there are several other modern techniques of hair treatments now available in the market.

Here is why Propecia is sure-shot way to regrowing hair if you are one of the men facing the male pattern baldness – Propecia is an anti-androgenic synthetic drug approved by FDA for the treatment of male pattern baldness. It targets DTH levels which are the main culprits behind the balding patches in men. It not only brings down DTH levels, but also saves the hair-follicles from future adverse effects of the DTH hormone. Propecia thus helps hair-follicles produce hair normally. Over 90 percent of male pattern baldness cases have shown improved and long lasting results with the use of Propecia.