Natural Cure to Encumber Hair Loss, Must Try!

Most of the so-called effective and hyped treatments turn out to be huge bunks and nothing than turn offs.In addition,the cost of these treatments is also quite high and can dig big holes in your pockets.

hair loss natural treatment

The Treatment Ought to Depend on the Cause of Hair Loss

There can be various reasons for hair loss. Menopause, thyroid problems, vitamin deficiencies etc. are a few common causes of hair loss.

If the cause is medical, then you might need some medical treatment to deal with the problem.

However, you can always have a holistic approach towards this problem. At times, the doctors might suggest some medicines, but what about the natural and safer options. Let us have a look at these treatments.


It is advisable to get as much as minerals and nutrients through the food you eat. Unluckily, several folks tend to fail at this front.

Note that protein is the most imperative nutrient to fortify your hair and its growth. Recommended intake of protein is about 3 oz. of meat or a blend of around 4-5 servings of beans and dairy products.

You ought to include fish, eggs, seeds and nuts in your diet to satiate the daily protein requirements of the body. These are all rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids that help you to have healthier scalp.

Avoid getting into the pothole here. Instead, consume a variety of these foods daily. Thus, it is advisable to eat around 8-10 servings of several green vegetables on a daily basis as well as a couple of fruits too along with lean meat, legumes, grains, etc.

There are some vital nutrients, which are essential for healthy hair growth. Read further to know about them:

  • Biotin and Zinc: Experts state that these minerals help in hair growth and folks lacking these nutrients tend to suffer from brittle hair.
  • Iron:Anemia may trigger hair loss. However, doctors will recommend iron supplements only when a person tests positive for deficiency of iron or anemia.

In case you are opting for some supplements for tackling hair loss, then make sure that you consult the same with your physician prior to taking them. This will help in finding your compatibility with the supplements and their effectiveness.

Styling Tips

Perms, dyes and rubber bands tend to be hard for your hair. In case of hair thinning, you do not require adding breakage too. Always be gentle when treating your hair and avoid overdoing washing and brushing.

  • Make use of scalp coloring stuffs for curbing contrast between your scalp and hair.
  • You may try out hair extensions for boosting volume.
  • Try to part your hair on side, as it takes the focus off your crown where you hair often tends to be thin.
  • Use products that can help to make the hair appear thicker.

Deal with Stress

It is undoubtedly a stressful thing to experience hair loss and unluckily, stress may even aggravate the hair loss problem.

So instead of stressing or worrying about the problem, visit your doctor and seek for proper advice.

Hair loss though is emotional for several folks, but evading the stress out of the life will help to deal with the problem in a much better and effective way.