Home Remedies – How To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is a highly concerning conditions for them. There are many women who suffer from hair loss of different types. Some of these hair loss conditions are mild and reversible while others are intense and difficult to be treated. Women with receding hairline and visible scalp may not feel comfortable to socialize.
Home Remedies For Hair LossHence it is crucial for women to treat this condition effectively. Though there is no significant treatment for hair loss, women rely on several options in hopes of some effect. Here are some home remedies that can possibly help you have healthy hair.


Yes, it is true that women also have some amount of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone in their body. This also serves as one of the leading causes of hair loss in women. It starts with hair thinning. This hormone has negative influence on the follicles of the hair. This causes the follicle as well as the hair to become brittle and thinner. It is said that saw palmetto can help in reducing hair loss by stopping testosterone from converting to DHT. There are numerous supplements that contain this natural ingredient.

Hair Massage:

Hair massage is suggested to be one of the effective ways to stimulate hair growth. It is said that massaging your scalp gently with finger tips can help in stimulating hair growth. You can do this every day for around two to three minutes. This will also improve circulation of blood to the hair follicle and unclogs the oil glands that were blocked. This will generally promote healthy hair. There are certain scalp massage brushes that are particularly designed for this purpose.

Avoid Alcohol And Chemicals:

You should avoid using harmful chemical based products such as gels etc.  Avoid using any product which contains alcohol. There are numerous gels which contain some amount of alcohol in it which can cause your hair to become dry and cause damages. Make it a thumb rule that you should not use any alcohol based product particularly on your head. If you use any such product it may cause your hair to flake after you have used the product. This is a sign that may indicate that the product has alcohol in it.

Control Stress:

Stress is another common cause of hair loss in women.  It is said that the best remedy for stress is meditations. Reducing stress can also reduce your hair loss and this is widely believed. Apart from meditation, there are many other stress busters that women can use to get rid of it. For example shopping, dancing, chatting with friends, relaxing in water (bath or swim), just being with your loved ones etc. When your stress is reduced it helps in maintaining your hormonal balance. You can also use Nettle root which is another efficacious natural treatment for hair loss. This ingredient as well is available in different medicine form.

Follow these aforementioned effective ways to treat hair loss.