High Blood Pressure Connected To Hair Loss

Are you suffering from hair loss? Have you done all the necessary tests to find out the reason behind loosing hair but hasn’t been able to find out any reason. Now, you might like to consider doing your tests again as it is said that people who are suffering from high blood pressure have greater chances of becoming bald. high blood pressureHypertension can happen to anyone irrespective of the age. It is caused then the blood flow in the body is facing trouble in smooth circulation. These blockages caused pressure on the heart and then your heart rate increase or decrease. Although, high blood pressure can be controlled through diets but when even the diet fails to control this pressure, one has no choice but to opt for medicines.

Hair loss is mainly related to the change in hormones. People who are suffering baldness are said to have a large number of male hormone in that scalp creating a problem in the growth of the hair. This increased number of reason is indeed the link between hypertension, as per the medical experts.

Also, sometimes, the medicines are also related to the loss of hair. In a study done it was found that the medicine used to widen the blood vessels can be the reason behind baldness by hampering the growth of the hairs.  The study done also showed that that the men who are suffering from baldness have the highest rate of getting a stroke as compared to man with less hair loss.

This report might come as a shock for you as both are important; a controlled blood pressure and hair. But, as a matter of fact, your health comes first. If you would stop taking medicines because you are losing hair then surely you have a greater chance of losing life. People won’t worry about your hair once you die. Live for yourself and your life rather than thinking about the hair and baldness. Moreover, baldness is getting a new fashion so just pay attention to your health rather than on these materialistic things. It is better that you consult your doctor about the hypertension’s medicines before taking it.