Dangerous Facts About You Getting Your Hair Coloured

One of the main reasons for the colouring of hair by the middle aged people is to conceal the premature whiteness in their hair, if any. But the teenagers and the youth colour their hair with various shades to flaunt a jazzy look in social gatherings and outings.

coloured-hair-dangerous-factsBut there are certain health hazards that a person can incur from the usage of hair dyes. In the beginning it seems quite exciting to use different varieties of dyes to make the hair look stylish and attractive to the peers. But there are some unknown risks involved in colouring one’s hair. Most of the people who use hair dyes and numerous types of shades do not know these side-effects of dying one’s hair. Before dying one’s hair, the concerned person should be well aware of the different consequences and effects of colouring the hair.

There are synthetic chemicals in the hair dyes used in general by many of you. These chemicals remain unprocessed in most of the cases. These are extremely harmful substances, and can be detrimental for the scalp of your head. A person using the dye to colour his hair does not have information about such chemicals in dyes and apply the colouring agents regularly.

In due course of time, the crust of the scalp gets affected and its quality diminishes. It is imperative to consult a reputed hair expert at the time of applying these dyes otherwise harmful side effects may ruin the health of your scalp.

Another dangerous fact about using hair colours is that these substances have some sorts of pigments that are different from the synthetic chemicals in nature. These pigments make the hair look glossy.

But there is a flip side of the coin. These pigments, after a long term of usage, gradually decreases the natural quality of the hair and result in hair fall. The hair becomes thin and the concerned person also faces the problem of split ends.  The hair becomes rough and its softness disappears. A person should remain extremely alarmed before applying dyes from lesser known brands in order to avoid these side-effects.

Prolonged usage of hair colours has another bad side effect on your hair. It gradually dehydrates the hair. A person’s hair has a natural content of moisture. The synthetic dyes tend to disturb the balance of water content in the hair. As a result, the hair becomes poor in quality.

In order to have healthy hair it is always a rational to use branded dyes and that too, occasionally. More importantly, it is very crucial to take the suggestions of a good hair expert before the application of the hair colours.