5 Commands To Fight Hair Loss!

One day many of you would face this problem, or are you facing this problem right now? While bathing or combing your hair, you might observe hairs that are falling from your head, but you might take it lightly right now, as most of them do.


Human don’t take care of their hair as they do for their health and skin. So, let’s act before that disaster occur, and help our hair to prevent its loss.

It’s better to support natural yield to stop hair fall than to prefer luxurious and costly parlor healing that may not help or is not efficient for the problem. Try the subsequent easy tips at home and see how valuable they are in dropping hair problems!

Juice-Up Your Hair:

Juice is the best way as it is natural and healthy; you can pat your scalp with either onion juice, garlic juice or ginger juice. Leave it as it is overnight and wash it thoroughly with clean water in the morning.

Massage Mania:

Massaging your head for few minutes daily will help arouse circulation. Massage or good circulation in the scalp keeps hair follicles energetic. It may be improved through massage by adding a small amount of lavender or bay vital oil in sesame oil or an almond base.

Treatment With Oily Treat:

Take any natural oil you might prefer – olive, coconut, and canola – and heat it up to make it warm, but not too hot; otherwise it would harm your hair and body. Then, massage it tenderly into your scalp. Stay on for an hour or so, and then wash your hair with shampoo carefully.

Practice Meditation:

Believe it or not, but most of our problems recline under our mental health, and the root cause for hair loss is also stress and tension most of the time. So, to cope up with that, meditation can help in sinking tension and stress, and refurbish hormonal balance.


Utilize, warm green tea – two bags brewed in a cup of water, on your scalp and run off this mixture on for an hour and then rinse with water. Green tea holds antioxidants which avert hair loss and even improve hair growth.

Hence, include these into your course of habits and practice it rigorously for good result. Remember, it is always better than using some medical treatment brood with chemical and hazardous sustains. So use these natural steps to nurture our hair loss.