Whey Proteins: Things A New Gym Man Needs To Know

The fascination of men with muscles goes way back, perhaps into the medieval ages. Some men desire for a dream body to get that macho look, while others simply crave for that extra bit of attention from the opposite sex. No matter what the underlying reason, men, well at least a vast majority of them, crave for tight masses at the right places.
Whey_ProtiensMost of them may idolize certain action stars from Hollywood or perhaps a professional wrestler and die to have the physique of their idol. With the image of their idol in mind they go ahead and enroll themselves in a gym and start working out and after certain time they check out their body and see no difference or even a hint of a bulge. This disappoints them and they walk out. This is where the use of Whey proteins comes into the picture. A lot of people shun the idea of using whey protein initially as they confuse it for steroids. Just understand that it is not a steroid but simply a supplement for proteins that the body needs after a tiring workout session.

What Is Whey Protein?

Whey proteins are considered the highest source of quality proteins for strength trainers, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, and for people on weight loss programs and even vegetarians.

Is Whey Protein Natural Or Synthetic?

This is the common confusion on this subject. Milk contains 2 types of proteins and whey protein is one of it; the other being casein protein. When the cow’s milk is converted in to cheese, whey protein is formed as a byproduct.

Are Natural Sources Of Whey Protein Available?

This is the actual myth about whey proteins; they are not present in any food sources. Food sources only contain varying amounts of proteins in them but not whey.

How Many Types Of Whey Proteins Are Available And Which Is Best For Usage?

In reality there are 2 types of whey proteins: isolate and concentrate, however a third kind called whey protein blend is available in the market and is considered the ideal form for usage. Whey protein concentrate contains 75% protein by weight but also has some amount of fat and lactose in it. Whey protein isolate is a refined form of the concentrate and has 95% proteins, considered to be purest form. As per servings, whey protein isolate has the maximum ration of proteins and no carbs and no lactose. For an average gym going guy or an amateur whey protein blend would be the perfect choice as it also has amino acids in the ideal levels.

Why Take Whey Proteins?

When you work out, you rip your muscles and for its recuperation the muscles need proteins; whey proteins helps in this context. It imparts energy to the body that aids it to increase in size and strength and also lessens the recovery period. Another impressive fact about whey is that it is fast ingesting and increases the metabolic rate and aids the post workout muscles faster.

What Are The Side Effects Of Whey Proteins?

Unless a person is allergic to proteins from dairy products, whey proteins itself does not bring about any side effects. People who have been asked to keep off dairy products must consult their doctor before starting their doses.

Can Whey Proteins Lead To Kidney Stones?

This is the most common FAQ on whey protein. As per statistics there is no evidence (both in humans and tested animals) that whey proteins lead to kidney stones or any other kidney related issues. It may only be risky to those individuals who have a medical history or genealogy of kidney disorders.