Vitamin D Deficiency Information Including Symptoms

Egg yolks, beef liver, fish and fish liver as well as supplement s in the form of fish liver oil tablets called cod liver oil can be very helpful and thoroughly used by people who lack Vitamin D in their lives!

vit dNot everyone is fond of the sun, but however to grab some of those yellow and orange rays in the early morning can do a lot to provide you the boosts of the vitamin D that is required by the body in certain levels!

As you age you my show symptoms of developing the deficiency as your kidneys become less capable of converting the vitamin D in to its active form and thus even if you have been binging on strong sources of vitamin D they may just not be able of becoming active in your system! Not only this one. But however, if you own a dark skin, then while you are old and dark, you may just require more of the sun to provide you the vitamin as your melanin in the skin may not respond at its best to the sunlight exposure!

Your digestive tract will not be able to absorb the vitamin and the intestine too may be unable to do so, if you suffer any chronic diseases making you all the more deficient despite consuming foods that can give you the right dose of the vitamin to avoid the sunshine deficiency or rickets!

If you’re fat, then remember that your body’s fat cells are extracting the vitamin D from the blood which also restricts its circulation to the various parts of the body!

People who suffer from rickets are those who experience soft bones and skeleton deformities! They are the ones who can easily rupture bones and get fractured in various parts of the body as the bones are brittle! This happens because of the calcium not being absorbed well from the food we eat due to deficiency of Vitamin D!

Psoriasis, diabetes, chronic pain, cardio vascular diseases, asthma and depression could be some of the disorders that occur in your body as you have not been up with the sun and are in for some suffering due to the deficiency of the vitamin.

Vitamin D can also be one of the causes of the life threatening cancer and is most commonly responsible for muscle weakness and the regular flu!

People who generally work out are always advised to consume the whole of eggs – the egg white and the egg yellow (yolk), chicken, fish and its oil, cod liver oil tablets, flax seeds as well as early morning garden walks as they can easily catch up on the relevant doses of Vitamin D that they can be offered in this way!

Thus, to be more educated by how the deficiency can make your life a misery and prey to so many other disorders, it is best to watch your intake of the vitamin and work towards getting some sunshine in your life!