Take A Bite To Cheer Up

Bite To Cheer UpWell, we all love food. However, not everyone is a foodie. There have been researches, which say that food impact, your mood largely. Read on further to know more.

  • Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate helps to relieve stress that is making you all moody. Maybe you have been craving for that sweet chocolate that everyone says is not healthy, well here is the good news; chocolate lowers the stress hormones (catecholamine) taking your anxiety levels lower and only makes you gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn in a day. The sugar in the chocolate has a calming effect since it makes the opiate-like chemicals to be activated that are involved in mood control overall. Making some chocolate a part of your planned diet will be a wise thing to do.
  • Foods high in carbs like whole wheat pasta or brown rice as your body requires these carbohydrates to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter in your brain that helps to calm the body system, hence making you have a lighter mood and happier. Processed carbs like bread that people are used to munching when stressed will only give a moment of energy and down you are again.
  • Also take wine when stressed up, especially red wine. It contains antioxidants that calm your central nervous system. It will make you happier in addition to kicking cancer and heart diseases out of your body.
  • Warm up and take some low fat milk or skim milk as it makes the blood sugar stabilize hence no energy surges and energy lows and keeps you away from caffeine-related issues. Cheese also does pretty much the same as it is a product of milk.
  • Take foods that are rich in vitamin D especially if you don’t stay much in the sun such as yoghurt or fortified cereals in the mornings. Vitamin D works well with other stress relieving ways like doing exercises.
  • Drink up more water as this will make you eat less food hence less sugar cravings from time to time. Also it keeps the body and more so the brain, hydrated hence proper functioning and more the ability to concentrate on daily activities. Replace some of the beverages you take during the day with, just water.
  • Make yourself a cup of tea especially green tea, as caffeine cause restlessness, and hence unnecessary stress. Green tea is nowadays sold in supermarkets at cheap prices in the form of tea bags.It is also high in anti-oxidants.
  • Beef, which is discouraged by most weight-watchers, has actually been found to work better at releasing stress. Being high in vitamin B and iron which help to stabilize moods as the body requires high amounts of vitamins B when stressed up.

Most people are in the habit of picking up an energy drink when angry or tired but it gives quite the opposite effect, a surge of energy at the start which quickly plummets adding more stress. So the next time you feel your stress building up; kick back, relax and take that chocolate from the fridge or cook up some pasta or better yet some wine for a distressed soul.