Quick Tips To Make Healthy Choice In Restaurants

healthy food choiceNext time when you go out for lunch or dinner to your favorite joint or restaurant, remember these below mentioned tips which will help you in making good and healthy food choices that will keep you away from gaining weight as well as help to stay fit and healthy in the long run.

1. Avoid Fried Foods: This may not be very easy, because it depends on the place you choose, but staying away from fried foods will be very beneficial for you. Eating fried foods is a grave mistake and a wonderful excuse for the additional pounds and is a primary causative factor in hypertension. You should choose baked foods when you go out to eat. Baked chicken or fish is a wonderful alternative and you will be amazed to see that the flavors burst on your palate.

2. Be Careful About Side Dishes: Though you may have been smart and opted for a calorie calculated main course, but that doesn’t mean that the complete meal is healthy. Many restaurants will offer French fries as complimentary, which is entirely high in calories. Hence, if the place where you are going is offers high calorie French fries as an add-on, you should consider looking for other alternate healthier option. Side salad, fruit, fresh vegetables and cottage cheese can be excellent, delicious sides.

3. Watch Out For Those Extras And Condiments: When you place an order for salad at a restaurant, you may think that you have made an excellent, healthy choice; however, the salad contains fat, which comes veiled in the form of dressing or bacon on the food. You can choose vinegar or some other low fat dressing instead. You can also ask for self service of dressings so that you can apply how much you want on your salad. You should also watch out for condiments like creamy fat filled toppings and mayonnaise, these things add calories to your food.

4. Order An Appetizer Or Starter First: Having an appetizer or starter for you meal is a good way to have control over the main course, this will prevent you from over-eating and you will save money as well. If you think, it may not be sufficient to satisfy you, then order soup or some salad.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you are on your way to eating healthy even when you step into a restaurant. These healthy food choices while eating at a restaurant will help you avoid gaining those extra pounds. So always make sure that you do not rush and eat the right food and in the right quantity to stay fit and avert various health problems that might result from eating out in an haphazard way.