Munch On These Immunity Boosting Foods This Winter, Stay Strong!

Food for increase immunity

So winter is here again this time of the year! It is certainly the most awaited and loved season of the year.

Though I do not intend to ruin the winter joy, you must be aware that winter brings in with itself real chilly temperatures, which usually means more sick days. Thus, for restricting the exposure to illnesses, some folks prefer to get flu shots and some take multivitamin pills.

Do you know that you can boost your immune system by making some simple changes or additions in your diet? Yes, this is true to a greater extent.

Here are 10 foods or rather you can call these as super foods to boost your immune system:


1.      Berry Winter

Whilst berries are quite famous during summers, they provide excellent health advantages during winters. Berries are rich sources of Vitamin C and you can add your favorite berries to muffins, pancakes, smoothies, yogurt and oatmeal.


2.      Be a Dairy Person

Including yogurt in your daily meals is an excellent idea to boost your immunity. This is because yogurt is a powerhouse, as it contains zinc, protein, vitamin A and not to forget the essential healthy bacteria that helps to protect the digestive system from germs. Yogurt also is an excellent noon snack or you may consider using it as fruit dip or include it in your favorite smoothie.


3.      Sweeten up with Honey

Boost your immune system with honey this winter. In use as an effective antibiotic since ages, honey assists in preventing bacterial growth. You can add some honey in your tea or spread it on your toast for a morning breakfast. Adding honey to yogurt is another excellent and delicious idea.


4.      Make some space for mushrooms in your appetite

You may add mushrooms to steak or salad. Mushrooms are excellent sources of Vitamin D and work great in boosting your immunity. In fact, researchers have found improved changes in immune systems of cancer patients, who receive radiation therapy or chemotherapy, post the intake of mushrooms.


5.      Make it spicy

Studies indicate that turmeric helps in combating digestive problems, curbs inflammation and prevents infections. Turmeric is one of the primary ingredients being used in most of the Asian curries. You may even add it to steamed cauliflower, salad dressings or egg salad.


6.      Munch on potatoes

Do not go for regular potatoes; instead go for winter’s sweet potatoes to provide a boost to your immune system. Sweet potatoes certainly are favorites during winter and are rich sources of Vitamins C and A, act great against fighting viruses and bacteria. There are various ways to include sweet potatoes in your diet plan. Have it baked or in the form of French-fries.


7.      Pep up Ginger

Ginger helps the immune cells to fight effectively against flu and cold. There are various ways to include ginger in your meals. Add in some fresh ginger into sauteed veggies, prepare ginger tea/lemonade, or include it in your salad dressing.


8.      Garlic is a must

Though many people simply dislike the flavor and smell of garlic, you need to note that garlic is essential for good health. So if possible, intake fresh garlic instead of having garlic supplements/capsules or pills. Spice up your meals by incorporating garlic to your soups and salad dressings.


9.      Drink something warm

Hot tea undoubtedly is a standard drink for several folks, particularly during winters. Hot tea helps to thwart infections. In addition, it keeps the body hydrated. So it is advisable to swap your morning coffee with a nice warm cup of hot tea for winter.


10.    Bring on Cinnamon

One of the famous winter spices, cinnamon has several health advantages. It consists of essential oils that help in speeding up the recovery process from flu or cold. However, stay cautious of cinnamon sugar and avoid it. Add some cinnamon on your rice pudding and double the taste.

So now that you are aware of these super foods, it is time to incorporate these in your daily diet plan and enjoy the winter devoid of health problems. Happy Winter!