Lemon Extract – Health Benefits And Uses

The traditional housewives, who yet squeeze out the juice of lemons in to the glass of water to make a refreshing drink for their husbands and children when they return home, cannot be beaten by any other energy booster, especially in the summers.

benefit-of-lemon-extractThe Vitamin C that is packed in these fruits can be an amazing source and alternative to other vitamin C tablets and foods. Whether it is about captivating and restoring your skin, making it glow and reducing blemishes or if it is to erase off the cold and fever; lemons are just the perfect yellows!

Lemons: The great dermatologist! How can we let go the “magic man role” of the lemons in the lives of young women and even the men for that matter, when it comes to treating the skin disorders of acne and blemishes. Vitamin C in the lemons can provide the nourishment for the fixing up of the skin and even treats dandruff and other scalp problems while it also makes sure to give you gleaming glory in your hair texture. Whether as a standalone or in combination the fiber and the juice of lemon can really work for the entire audience.

Influenza can also be looked up and cured with the boons present in the lemon. The market today which encircles the sales of toothpastes shows a relevant high in the graphs of those toothpastes that have the extract of lemon in it as it can help the gums and the teeth in a flawless manner by healing dental problems as well as preventing the bleeding of gums. Healthy mouth, glowing skin and lustrous dandruff free hair – all of this can be catered to with the extracts from lemons.

The small quantities of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Niacin containing in the lemons helps to cover up for the nutrition by just being spread over salads and other delicacies. Constipation, gas and indigestion can successfully be looked after by the lemons in your basket!

The most important merit relates to a fact of its preparation which can be done easily at home or can be available at the grocery store near your house! All at one’s disposal!

Dear women, if you see those signs of aging, remember to pick more of the lemons in your grocery shopping baskets as they can do you well with removal of aging signs as well as black heads and wrinkles! What’s more for women in relation to lemons? Churn it up – lemon extract, honey and Luke warm water! This can pull down those pounds that you have always wanted to; along with the advantage of great taste. The citrus fruit can help in relieving asthma and headache too. It does overall benefits to the overall audience.

The sour fruit provides the sweetness of controlling blood pressure problems as well as cures the throat irritations with the credit of its anti-bacterial properties.

Therefore, it becomes important to sprinkle out the juice on salads and soups or even squeeze it out in refreshments or may be a dash in your tea would do dollops of heavenly miracles to your health!