Include These Foods For A Healthy Living

It is the goodness of those orange, yellow, green and red colored fresh and juicy fruits and the green, yellow, and purple veggies plucked out from the earth that can get that perfect glow on your face and supplement you with the goodness of vitamins, minerals and much other vital stuff.

healthy-foodsTherefore, you need to make sure that all these form a dominant part of your diet.

What’s More?

Drink green tea! It contains good amount of antioxidants, which is in turn good for your body. You can have flavored or non-flavored green tea in order to detoxify your system and reap the benefits of all the antioxidants that can clear your bowels and can race up as well as fortify your digestive system. It is great for your skin too! So, the next time you are strolling for groceries in a supermarket, make sure to pick some packets of green tea.

Power Of Substitution:

Substitute processed foods like breads, biscuits and chips with whole grains like corn, wheat, barley, rice, sorghum, pearl millet and like. These will not only provide you the required nutrients, but will also help you stay full so that you do not binge any fast foods.

These are complex carbohydrates and can help in digestion when used in place of biscuits and breads that might cause constipation and other digestive troubles.

Keep A Tab On Your Protein Intake:

Beans, sprouts, lean meat, chicken, egg (Egg whites preferably), soya, tofu and others are great options when it comes to supplementing your body with the required amino acids (Proteins). Make sure you consume decent amount of proteins through your food especially during the growing years in order to build up good mass and height. It can really get you the look that you were long dreaming of.

Bell peppers, broccoli and dark green leafy vegetables can help your system to rejuvenate. They also increase stamina and vigor. Carrots and beetroot have a good source of Beta Carotene. These help to supplement Vitamin A to your body, which can be great for all those who want to fight off their spectacles.

Milk and milk-based products like cottage cheese, cheese, fat, butter and curd should also be taken up in the diet in limited quantities in order to keep the cholesterol levels low. They also provide strength to your body and the needed greasing that your bones need when it comes to painless and swift bodily movements in the body.

Good cholesterol can come to you with the help of healthy nuts – Almonds, Walnuts, Flax seeds, Safflower seeds and like. This is extremely healthy and can be very helpful when it comes to shielding your body and immunity.

Limit the intake of sugar and salt to avoid diabetes and water retention and hypertension respectively. Spices and condiments like turmeric and cardamom have great healing and medicinal properties thereby, make sure to include these in your daily diet.