How To Improve Eyesight Without Glasses?

Eyesight for all is one of the prime important things in a human beings life. Ever imagined yourself without the ability to see the wonders of nature or talk to your near and dear ones without being able to see them in front of you? So, a thing that is so precious to all of you there, why not take care of it and preserve its beauty by not letting them hide behind the crutches of glasses on to it.

Improve Eyesight

Glasses to one’s eyes becomes like a wall for the beauty of your face. Also with time it goes on worsening the situation giving you marks on your nose and around the eyes.  Remember the childhood period when the elderly members shouted at you when u sat near to the television saying, “your eyesight will be gone if u sat so close”. Maybe then nobody understood the importance of that saying, but today people who are the culprits of glasses on their eyesight will surely understand that.

In today’s world and society almost everybody from youths to men and women are working and travelling in the sun. The way the sun affects your skin tone and burns your head while travelling, imagine the kind of effect the sun has on the delicate eyes and eyesight. I am sure none of us like to wear those tacky glasses on our expressive eyes, so a way to improve your eyesight without glasses is to wear sunglasses while you are in direct contact with the sun. Also a lot of people who drive two wheelers are affected by the dust and extreme wind while driving. One should wear helmets which covers their eyes too along with their head. There are special driving glasses too. This will be helpful for the proper eyesight.

Eating healthy food which are good for the eyes too are helpful in improving your eyesight without glasses. Vegetables and fruits with vitamin C are considered good for the eyes. Eating carrots are helpful as it is an antioxidant to avoid cataract. Carrots are good to go as salads or just eat it like that. Eating sweet potatoes and spinach too help naturally in keeping your eyesight protected. Eating fish helps keep your eyesight good as it contains omega 3 fatty acids. Fish is high in protein too.

This is a little strange but spraying the liquid extracted from the orange peel by squeezing it in your eyes helps clear your vision. It is better known as citrus. Another option for a better vision is to sprinkle water in your eyes every time you wash your face as it keeps them clean and away from microorganisms (bacteria).

People are loaded with stress these days which leads to shortage of sleep. This strains the eyes, so taking a good amount of sleep is very essential. Basil leaves is good for stress as it is an anti-stress agent. Two drops of basil leaves juice put in the eyes is very essential for people who suffer from eye disorders and it keeps the eyes safe from cataract.

So now you have many other options other than glasses to improve your eyesight which costs you even lesser than your glasses.