High-Fibre Diet And Its Advantages

Many of us have a rough idea that our body needs a fibre diet but we don’t know why and at times we don’t even care to know its importance. Many research studies have shown that a fibre diet is very essential as it helps to balance your glucose levels and lowers down your cholesterol.

high fibre dietWe tend to have a lot of butter and cheese products due to which the fats in our body tends to increase and thereby fibrous diet helps to lower down the cholesterol intake in your body and also helps in reducing weight.

One of the other advantages of a fibre diet is that it helps in reducing the digestive and bowel diseases that one can have in due course of time.

There are two types of fibrous diet which is essential for one to consume

  • –  Soluble
    –  Insoluble

It is important for one to consume both the fibres as it is vital for the body.

Soluble fibres contain pectin and gum which helps to balance the levels of blood sugar in an individual’s body. Many a times our body has this dangerous risk of forming blood clots which are avoided by consumption of fibrous food substances. This happens as the fibre slows down the absorption pace of glucose in our blood stream and thereby we are able to control our appetite.

Many researchers believe that a high rate of production of insulin can lead to Type 2 diabetes over a period of time. This in turn can lead to increase heart stroke or heart related diseases. Thereby these soluble fibres help to control and thus reduce the spikes in blood sugar that lead to an increase in the production of insulin in the pancreas.

Insoluble fibres cellulose, and hemicelluloses, aids and lignin and thus help in maintaining a healthy digestive system. These soluble fibres help to prevent constipation in one’s body and helps in reducing the symptoms of digestive and bowel diseases. Insoluble fibre tend to absorb a high quantity of water, which leads to an increase the weight of stools and thus speeds up the passage of waste through the intestinal tract.

A minimum intake of 25 grams to 35 grams is advised by The American Dietetic Association. But an average Canadian adult only consumes 12 grams of fibre in a day.  It may be a difficult for one to change their dietary habits and intake fibre along with other nutrients. But one should increase the consumption of fibre in their body and make minor changes. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables as it helps to get more fibre.

Have a bowl of oats with an apple or a banana as it helps to crunch your hunger that you feel and makes you feel satisfied. We tend to have unhealthy snacks and junk food between our meals; it is advisable to have healthy food substances like whole wheat snacks, nuts and dry fruits. Also have brown rice, soups and lentils to have a fulfilling diet.