Healthy Food Options For A Healthy Life

Healthy and fresh salads are an easy way where you get to work with a couple of servings of vegetables and fruits. Fresh green salads have always been the first most searched item on the menu by the health conscious people.

healthy-foodsWhenever you plan to eat out for a dinner, just ensure that you tell your chef beforehand to make the dressing of the salad light. Lettuces are found to be the best leafy vegetable, which is all fat-free and helps in reducing the calorie content. You can even enjoy the taste of fresh carrots and tomatoes, which are easily found in many food chains.

A recent study says that eating fresh fruits and salads lowers down the risk of many disorders even cancer too. It even suggests that people whose diets are found to be high in fruits and veggies might perhaps have a less risk of putting up with cancer related disorders in the head or neck. Handful of beans, peppers, carrots, apples, plums are all very protective to your health.

Have Salads To Cut Down The Calorie Intake

If shedding those extra pounds from your body seems to be a daunting task for you then you might like to begin your meals with a bowl of healthy salad. It is said that eating low-calorie salads which is nothing less than 150 calories improves the appetite, avoids hunger craving and even reduces the complete calories which enters inside the system during meals.

Adding a teaspoon of olive oil which contains very little amount of good monounsaturated fat to vegetables can lend a hand in absorbing protective phytochemicals such as lycopene which we get from tomatoes. Avocado, when eaten as many times during the day acts as a protective covering against cancer related disorders too.

Spinach And Beans

If you are diet conscious and enjoy trying out new salads every time then go for a plate of salad, which is made from baby spinach leaves and with plenty of beans. You can at the same time add a variety of your much loved beans altogether in a bowl only after they are cleaned and drained well.  Beans, which are high in proteins, are black, kidney and garbanzo beans. Simply toss the contents in the bowl with spinach leaves spread over it.

If you are fond of eating raisins then you can add them to your favorite salads and enjoy eating them. This not only increases the fiber content in your diet but at the same time adds tasty flavor to it. If you are apple or kiwi lover then add thin slices of it to the salad plate to enjoy a healthy crunch. Top it off with by squeezing some lemon juice in it.

This plateful of salad is not only nutritious for you but also provides many health benefits at the same time. No matter how boring your meal is, you can enjoy eating salads post or pre dinner to curb your appetite. This way you can keep full your hunger or craving. A plateful of salads gives you big amount of fiber, which comes from spinach leaves, raisins, beans, kiwis and apples. Make sure that while buying fruits or vegetables that you pick are fresh always. The assortment of fruits and vegetables helps in increasing the vitamins and required minerals content of the salad.