Health Alarm – 10 Foods That Aren’t Food

Simply because it smells like a blueberry and taste like it, a blueberry necessarily mean that it is actually. Here are some food imposters that you should avoid eating.


1.    Cheese That Is Not Cheese

The art of faking cheese is almost famous as the art of cheese making. In fact, the pasteurized cheese consists of fillers, emulsifiers and oil. These ingredients are not cheese-like and certainly cannot be called as chees products.

2.    Mayonnaise That Is So Not Mayonnaise

It is less of a deceiver than a consumer blunder. Yes, this white spread technically does not suffice the actual definition of mayonnaise, which needs around 65% of vegetable oil and certainly, you don’t get it. So what you instead? It’s just dressing with major players such as vinegar, soybean oil and water. Delicious, may be not?

3.    Vanilla That Is So Not Vanilla

There is actually no vanilla in the ingredient list of the most of the so-called wafers. In fact, the label also does not notify us whether it is artificial or natural flavor.

4.    Chocolate That Is Not So Chocolate

Chocolate chip cookies symbolize red flag. Check out the labels of these cookies. Have you ever wondered why they are called flavored? To be called as chocolate, the Food and Drug Administration requires a food item to contain cocoa butter, but unfortunately, they use vegetable oils as substitutes for cocoa butter.

5.    Cream Which Is Not Cream

The world’s famous cookie is vegan and this is a good thing for animals, but surely an annoyance for anyone who is expecting some cream in the mid. Yes, that white stuff called ‘creme’ is actually a mixture of sugar, artificial flavors, canola oil and other questionable players. Unfortunately, the last ingredient that comes into play is ‘chocolate.’ Yes, face it.

6.    Caramel, The Betrayal

Caramel syrup might taste and seem like the gross guesstimate of the original caramel, but you ought to know that industrial caramel is a way different than the type one makes at home using the sugar base. Makers process certain caramel color with ammonia. Yes, strange right, but it is unfortunately true.
7.    Whipped Cream, Think Before You Whip

With the sight of this soft stuff, you certainly cannot help but simply wonder. Truly, imitated whipped cream is a kind of modern prodigy though uncertainly “food”.

8.    Peanut Butter, Stay Away From This Batter

Peanut based sugar oil does not actually have the similar thing, but it is way too accurate than the honey-roasted peanut butter.

9.    Ice Cream, What It Screams

Gone are the days of ice cream. Now, the consumers are persuaded to scoop spoons of nothing but frozen dairy desserts, which cannot be termed as ice cream legally, as it should have a least of 10% of milk fat. You should know that the frozen dairy dessert contains plenty of whey, gums and syrup.

10.    Eggs Offered As Swags

Eggs collectively are one single ingredient. However, substituting these takes 20. Fortunately, eggs are on top of the ingredient list, but goes down from there; this is because the next ingredient is the patented mixture of natural flavor for conjuring up the egginess.

Bottom Line:

Even though one can purchase these foods from a grocery store quite easily, it does not mean that one should munch on these. Always remember as how many diverse ingredients go into the making of a fake or imitated blueberry and try to stay away from it.