Foods For Sustaining A Healthy Level Of Iron In The Body

Iron is one of the essential nutrients needed by our body. Being an essential component of hemoglobin, iron helps in conjugating hemoprotein and works as an oxygen carrier in the human body. Besides this, it also helps in energy production, DNA synthesis, and cell regulation,
iron-rich-foodsIt plays a vital role in promoting a good blood health particularly to avoid ailments like anemia caused due to iron deficiency. Deficiency of iron is found more among women than men as their monthly period can have an effect on their iron supply. So, if you are wondering which foods will aid in maintaining a healthy level of iron in the body, then below are some recommended foods that are rich in iron.

Here is the list of foods that contains high iron amounts

Beef Liver: Iron Amount – 5.8 Mg

Compared to any other type of meat, beef liver has the lowest fat count and is low in calories, only 150 calories in single serving. However ever, it has proved helpful in increasing the iron level in the body.

Lean Ground Beef: Iron Amount – 1.8 Mg

Lean ground beef can help in lowering your cholesterol levels as well as maintaining the amount of iron in the body.

Lean Sirloin: Iron Amount- 2.9 Mg

Apart from being high in proteins and iron, lean sirloin steak comprises vitamin B, C, D and B6.

Salmon: Iron amount- 0.7 Mg

Salmon, also recognized as a superfood, are filled with helpful Omega-3 fatty acids that can aids in preventing blood clots and simultaneously it also reduces the risks of having a stroke.

Pumpkin Seeds: Iron Amount- 4.2 Mg

Pumpkin seeds not only help in sustaining a healthy iron amount, but at the same time it aids in preventing the occurrence of kidney stone.

Dark Chocolate: Iron Amount- 4.1 Mg

Delicious desert, dark chocolate serves in maintaining lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It is also good in iron count.

Blackstrap Molasses: Iron Amount- 3.5 Mg

Blackstrap molasses is a dark sweetener that is full of iron. This sort of molasses also comprises high amount of calcium and healthy nutrients.

Spinach: Iron Amount- 3.2 Mg

Spinach, extremely rich in iron also comprises flavonoids, an essential compound generally found in plants. These flavonoids contain anti-cancer properties, which have been reported helpful in slowing down the cell growth in abdomen and skin cancer.

Broccoli: Iron Amount- 1.2 Mg

Broccoli is filled with endless list of health benefits. Besides being an iron rich food, it is an excellent source of fiber that helps with easy digestion.

Kidney Beans: Iron Amount- 2.6 Mg

According to many researches, kidney beans are known for enhancing iron levels, lowering the danger of heart attack and for boosting energy levels.


Some fruits like strawberries, prunes, prune juice, watermelon, dried apricots, dates, raisins, figs, and dried peaches has great amount of iron and healthy nutrients, which are good for the body.


Other than salmon, there are some other seafood’s which are rich in iron contents. This includes tuna, shrimp, mackerel, clams, haddock, scallops, sardines and oysters.