Enjoy A Healthy Liver With These Foods

The various functions of the liver include breaking complex foods into simpler elements, producing bile, which is essential during digestion, storing vitamins and mineral, producing proteins and enzymes to maintain the hormonal balance in the body, improve the immune function of the body and remove bacterial from our bloodstream.
Foods for healthy liverNow that we know how important it is to have a healthy liver, let us also know what happens if we mistreat our liver. If not taken proper care of, it could lead to problems like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue, headaches, digestive problems and allergies among many more. Hence getting your diet right is of utmost importance. Avoiding alcohol, tobacco, coffee and white sugar coupled with light to moderate exercises during the day and a healthy consumption of water are definite ways to care for your liver. A healthy diet can ensure proper upkeep and maintenance of the liver. Let us understand the best foods that can help us with maintaining a healthy liver:

GarlicGarlicGarlic is a potent liver cleanser. It has two effective naturally occurring elements by the names of allicin and selenium, which help in cleansing of the liver. The enzymes present in garlic also help flush out the toxins from the bloodstream.

BeetsBeetBeets have a high concentration of plant flavonoids. Flavonoids are known to improve the overall health of all the bodily organs. Hence they are effective in improving the overall health of the liver and thereby its functions.

Green Leafy Vegetables Green-Leafy-VegetablesThe liver filters out the toxins and heavy metals present in our bloodstream. Green leafy vegetables have the potential to neutralize the heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides present in the blood this aiding the liver to function properly and normally.

AvocadosavocadosThe liver also needs certain chemicals and enzymes for better functioning and overall health. One of these enzymes is glutathione. Avocados have glutathione in it, which can aid the liver in filtering the harmful substances out of the bloodstream. Avocados thus help in maintaining proper body metabolism.

LemonslemonsWe all known that citrus fruits like lemons are a rick source of Vitamin C. Lemon and other citrus fruits are also effective against the harmful substances in the bloodstream and prove to be potent blood cleansers. They thus aid the function of the liver and keep our bodies functioning to the best of their capabilities.

Cruciferous VegetablesCruciferous VegetablesSeveral cruciferous vegetables likes broccoli and Brussels sprouts have a unique ability to produce the right amount of glucosinolate in our body. This compound aids in the production of those enzymes that regulate the process of digestion. Cruciferous vegetables thus help in the correct functioning of our liver.

Several other foods like grapes, berries, whole grains, turmeric, soy, green tea, yogurt, nuts and onions are also effective in aiding the liver in its process of cleansing the body of all the harmful substances. Take these foods and enjoy a healthy and problem-free liver.