Effective Ways To Tackle Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is one of the most common consequences of consumption of outside fast foods that are cooked in open air, subject to all sorts of dust, smoke and other outside impurities.

Also, the food makers seldom care for maintenance of hygiene e.g. washing hands, disinfecting utensils, washing in, changing the washing water after each round of washing of plates etc. This results in eating in un-cleaned/partially cleaned plates, containing germs, resulting into stomach infection. Food poisoning can also occur due to consumption of partially cooked food or ones cooked at lower temperature that cannot kill the germs completely. The most common symptoms arevomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, nausea and headaches.

Mild food poisoning can be treated by self-medication. However, if the condition reaches a serious level, one has to even go to the extent of being hospitalised. Some of the most effective ways to treat food poisoning are:

  • Consumption Of Water In Plenty –Water must be consumed in sufficient quantity. It ensures adequate body hydration required to meet up fluid loss as a result of vomiting and dehydration. Water also acts as an antioxidant that helps to reduce toxin level by passing them through urine.
  • Avoiding Soft Drinks Or Dairy Products – These items can easily upset the stomach, leading to further complications. Therefore, soft drinks or dairy products like ice-cream, curd etc. should be avoided until one has recovered fully.
  • Calorie Consumption – Food poisoning leads to energy loss through constant vomiting, dehydration etc. Thus calorie intake should be increased to restore the energy. Once, all gets well, one can return to the normal diet.
  • Having Easily Digestible Food – Since food poisoning weakens the digestive system, one should go for easily digestible foods, such as soda crackers, boiled rice, bananas& toast. These also help in de-oxidation of body.
  • Having Probiotic Medicine – Probiotic medicines contain certain useful and GI friendly bacteria that can help to strengthen and maintain the health of digestive system & kill all the harmful bacteria’s.
  • Avoid Anti – Diaherrial Medicines  -In practice, these medicines contain high dosage of antibiotics which can further weaken down the body in the process of fighting germs, eventually making one more vulnerable to illness.
  • Sufficient Rest – This is the ultimate but the most important step. Food poisoning weakens the body, leading to a great deal of energy loss. To be able to get back the same, one should have sufficient rest. Rest helps to restore the body energy and relaxation of the muscles and organs that have experienced fatigue by means of constant vomiting, dehydration etc.

Thus we see that food poisoning can lead to very serious state of health, if not controlled at the early stage or if reached an alarming level in quick time. Thus to avoid both the above, one has got to take utmost care of the stomach by means of subscribing to the above measures in order to stay healthy and disease-free.