Choose Diet According To Blood Group

How many times have you seen that some people lose weight with a given system, and others not at all? Some seem to be eating all that they want and yet sport a lean look.

diet-according-to-blood-groupOn the contrary, you may have had only a few morsels of food and yet seem to be gaining weight, merely by breathing. Seems frustrating but it could also be because, nature has a reason for this.

Why Does This Happen?

All this is not by chance. It depends on your genetic code. But who better than the blood to tell us about your body needs and what will keep you fit and lean.If you are driven by your blood group diet, you will enjoy a better state of health, you will maintain your ideal weight and you will slow down the aging process of your body. Sounds too good to be true? It is a fact and it can help you lead a better and a much healthier life.

Each blood group contains the genetic message (Code) of food and lifestyle of our ancestors, and many of these characteristics still affect us. The name of your blood is that of the antigen that your red blood cells are supporting.

GROUP O is a special case because it has no antigen hence its name. This is a mnemonic device to remember that this group has zero antigens. The antigenic system is essential to understand the importance of food in our health. In the presence of a foreign antigen in your body, antigens of your blood group immediately produce antibodies to fight the intruder. This produces an agglutination reaction, which means that antibody aggregate intruders to facilitate their removal.

Beyond the blood, it is the same with food. In fact numbers of them raise an agglutination process but not all blood groups. This means that food exerting harmful effects on the blood cells of a group may be beneficial to those of another. By the greatest chance, most food antigens are very similar to antigens A and B. So there is a tangible link between your blood and your diet.

Nevertheless, some people with non-adapted blood group diet will not have reactions;for others, they will have allergies, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancers etc.

There are three types of foods:

Beneficial: that has a therapeutic action.

Neutral:This acts as a food.

Toxic:This acts as a poison on your body, if taken regularly.

The form of diet for each blood group is:

O Group: high in proteins

A group: high vegetarian diet

B group: high dairy products

A and B: this group is an intermediary of A and B and can have booth forms of diet

All in all, choosing a diet according to your blood works because it offers a logical plan of action, scientifically established and proven, and matches with your cellular profile.

However, in our modern society, a diet adapted to the blood group is a lifestyle choice that is not necessarily easy, but can add significantly to your health.