Chocolates Are Good For Health. Really?

Chocolates are tempting. Whenever you see them you forget your age. It attracts people of every age. For children, it’s the only thing they want and to adults, it reminds them of their childhood. It’s said that chocolates isn’t good for health. But in reality, it is filled with nutrients which body needs.

chocolatesYes, chocolates help you and your body in various ways. Cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate is filled with important nutrients and is beneficial to our body. Eating a chocolate in a day can provide you energy. It is also said that when you’re depressed or upset, eat a chocolate to boost your mood.

Cocoa or chocolate contains large amount of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is best for those who are suffering from high blood pressure. Also, it avoids the blood clot reducing chances of stroke. This chocolate helps you to control your blood pressure under control.

Chocolate also helps in controlling the cholesterol. Stearic acid, which is found in chocolates, doesn’t raise the cholesterol level like other saturated fats does. In fact, this reduces the fat output from the liver and help to pull out the ‘bad’ cholesterol from the blood.

Dark chocolates are considered as the healthier option than milk and white chocolates as it contains more of coco and less of sugar. This helps to widen the arteries and due to which blood finds it easy to flow. Due to this, those who eat dark chocolate daily are at reduced chances of getting stroke.

Also, the flvonoids, which are found in cocoa products is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting effects. This means, that people who eat it easily are at lesser risk of having diabetes as the insulin sensitivity is increased.

It was found that components found in chocolates helps to fight cancer. Also, it avoids tooth decay. It is also full in magnesium, which means that it helps in digestion and is good for neurological problems. Also, various studies show that it is good for the memory and brain.

Dark chocolate is good for health. It better that you have one bar of dark chocolate everyday to keep your health fit and fine. It won’t affect your health but would help you in various ways as it has nutrients which are good for the health. So, make a smart choice and have dark chocolate freely.