Caffeine – Is It A Medicine Or Poison?

Do you simply can’t do without your morning coffee cup daily? Or do you believe that caffeine is harmful to avoid? Either way, this article will help you clear your doubts.

Caffeine - Is it a Medicine or Poison

Similar to most of those powerful plants or herbs, the entire story is a bit intricate than it seems to be. Today, people look for absolute and firm answers, whereas ancient philosophies as well as herbal or alternative medicines motivate more individuality and flexibility.

Is Coffee a Medicine?

As per Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who is the creator of Homeopathy, medicinal herbs will not offer any kind of nourishment to your body, but they do have the potent to change its chemistry.

Coffee alone might not serve as a vital source to gain calories or the required nourishment, but it has strong effects on several body systems including the endocrine and circulatory system.

In addition, our body usually determines the potent medicinal element and thwarts its intake by shooting out strong unpleasant feelings or sensations after tasting it.

This explains as why even you intake coffee daily morning, you probably might not love it for the first time at the first sip. Maybe you might intake coffee for some other purposes than for the taste. If no, then why would people mask it with sugar, milk and syrup?

Most kids do not prefer the taste of unpleasant coffee. As per homeopathy, the body converses to us that it is not needed for a healthy system.

Many people intake coffee due to its effects such as:

  • To stay awake and active
  • To feel comfortable
  • To help you go to bathroom

Though the initial two reasons are quite widespread, folks talk less about the last reason.

However, loads of individuals do not feel going to the bathroom unless they attain some kind of stimulation by caffeine. In fact, feeling blocked is inferior as the feeling of sluggishness and sleepiness. Coffee to some extent resolves these problems.

In a way, we self-medicate ourselves every time we intake caffeine.


Is Coffee is a Toxin?

Most medications have their share of adverse effects and thus, coffee is not an exception here.

You might have come across several conflicting opinions pertaining to caffeine:

1. Have it, as it is good for your heart, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and metabolism.

2. Avoid it! It is not good for your nervous system, digestion, adrenal glands and attentiveness.

Experts have listed a few harmful consequences of consuming caffeine on a regular basis and this includes nutritional deficiencies, fluctuations in blood sugar levels, depression, insomnia, indigestion, muscular pain and strain, irritability, anxiety and cardiovascular problems.

That said, personally I do not like to place stuffs into categories of bad or good, but most of the natural herbs and substances usually are complicated to be stereotyped.

As modern scientists and researchers still are investigating over the effects of more than 800 active elements found in coffee.

If we look from Ayurveda’s point of view, there are certain broad rules. Of these rules, one rule states that every item may be good for certain folks and bad for some others.

And, caffeine is not an exception here. In short, what is nectar for one individual can be toxic for another person.