The Best Of Best Cholesterol Lowering Foods

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How about looking younger by 6 months, ladies? Or rather 3 years, dear men? Sounds wonderful right? And yes, you can accomplish such wonders of younger looking you! This just involves reducing those bad cholesterol signs that dwell in your system! Let us look at top foods that can help you lower those undesired levels of cholesterol in your body!

1. Almonds


Reap the benefits from the eye shaped nuts! Yeah, the almonds! Grab a handful of them in order to increase the levels of good cholesterol in your body while you cut down on the levels of bad cholesterol. And what’s more to it, is that they do not oxidize the cholesterol which in turn does not harm the cardiovascular system.

2. Oranges


Squeeze out those yummy sun yellow and orange colored fruits called oranges! A glass of orange juice can do a lot to reduce the cholesterol in your body as it nourishes your body with the required phytosterols which is required by the general health! Not only that the citrus food is very good when it comes to losing weight as it provides the much required fibers!

3. Olive Oil

olive oil foods

The monounsaturated fats and anti-oxidant rich dressing of olive oil on your favorite foods can do wonders for reducing the bad guys of cholesterol in your body! All you need to do is use the olive oil in your daily salads and sandwiches to make it most nourishing and healthy!

4. Garden greens

garden greens

Steam up the garden greens! Research shows that steamed asparagus as well as beets, carrots, cauliflower and okra can help reduce the cholesterol levels in human beings and the same may just be made part of your daily routine diets in order to free you of the unhealthy toxins in the body!



One and quarter tiny bowl of oats! The yummy beginning to the day can make sure that you are not going heavy on the cholesterol in the body and that you are keeping fit with these yummy foods! Increase the fiber content by up to 3 grams by adding on a dash of sliced apples to your oat preparation!

6. Beans

pinto beans

The soluble fiber packed pinto beans can make you cholesterol free! So grab onto them and get erasing the cholesterol in your body with just half a cup of these beans consumed daily!

7. Berries

blue berries

 Go blueberries! These yummy berries can make your health up by keeping those arteries off any clogging cholesterol as it helps to reduce the blood cholesterol levels and keeps the organ of love – the heart healthy always!

8. Tomatoes


Are you consuming 25 mg of lycopene per day? The best source of lycopene is the red colored tomatoes fresh from the fields! Go saucy or go raw, grab them to save your heart and arteries from being attacked by the dirty cholesterol!

9. Avocados


Yummy avocados and monounsaturated fats contained in chocolates specially the dark ones can bring up the healthy HDL levels of cholesterol and can let go the Bad LDL cholesterol levels away from your body!


So grab on these  yummy binges and see a difference in your systems with lowered cholesterols that can soon make you younger than any other anti aging cream!