Beat the Heat and the Calorie Bombs with Ease This Summer

summer calorie bombsWhat are calorie bombs?

Any kind of food item, snack food, or even meal which contains way too much quantity of calories (in most cases fat, as well) is termed as a calorie bomb. It is certain to go right to your waistline, paunch, and/or butt, thus ruining your figure and in most cases rendering a person shapeless. Guilt, sorrow, depression, anxiety, loneliness and heartbreak work together with the intake of calorie bombs.

What are summer calorie bombs?

As the temperature soars so does the cravings for high calorie high fat delicacies like pina coladas, ice creams, ice creams, lemonades, hot dogs with beers and so on. It’s the time when children lazily munch on cheeseburgers and hotdogs and grownups add calories when they barbecue in their lawns in the form of grilled steak and chicken wings. All these foods as well as the laid back approach add up to the calorie intake.

Tips to avoid the summer calorie bombs

  1. Avoid high calorie drinks, choose water: High calorie cold drinks such as regular soda juices, alcoholic beverages, and iced teas add calories from fat; instead, stay hydrated with lime or unsweetened iced teas.
  1. Don’t laze on vacations, participate in activities: Summers is a superb time for seaside vacations, but do not just lie around in the sand. Go swimming or a hike, something that will get you burning up your calories.
  1. Binge on fruit salads: Rather than high calorie/fat desserts appreciate seasonal fruits. Watermelon is a superb choice since it is low in calories and has 92 % water.
  1. Self control during barbecues and outings: Many summer time activities, such as picnics as well as barbecues, center on unlimited meals. Be wise when you’re in these kinds of occasions. Don’t overfill your dish and try to steer clear of seconds. Chat with friends and family to take your mind of the meals. It’s tough to subdue the longing to eat hamburgers and hotdogs. Even if you can’t resist filling your plate with high cal foods, make sure you take up extra serving of healthy toppings.
  1. Always exercise: Don’t allow the heat end as a justification to not exercise. Perform exercises early morning or even evenings, and ensure that you are staying moisturized. If in case it’s too hot or too humid to be outside, move indoors to the treadmill or try an activity like swimming.