Antioxidants And Its Truth

If you are health conscious and past had searched for some information about nutrition, then you would come across the term antioxidants hundreds of time. It list on top in every article related to health and nutritional care.

antioxidantsAnd yes, why shouldn’t it be, as it is true for antioxidants – is helpful and beneficial to everyone’s health, and we should keep it on our priority list too. But if you think that by consuming (component rick in antioxidant), you would be just a bite away from getting better health. But that might not stand as true; more is not always better. And when it’s on antioxidants; research has stated that excess may not be under better column. There are many misconceptions on antioxidants among people, as its human tendency to get rid of the ailments with a magic-wand, and they feel antioxidants are godsend for them. Hence let’s see what the experts have new to say about antioxidants.

Myth: All Antioxidants Are Vitamins

There is a common belief among people that all of them are vitamins; but that is not the case. There are numerous antioxidants from which few are vitamins, but some of them are also minerals and enzymes. The only common in them is; their ability to obstruct the action of radicals, which hampers the healthy workings in our body’s cells.

Doubt On The Fact That It Would Extend Your Life

If you have heard that it would extend your life, by preventing diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, eye diseases, heart disease, kidney disease and others. Then don’t give much heed to this overblown. However if it claims and there are also evidence found that those antioxidants helps to reduce risk of aging by curing some of the diseases or by reducing risk of such diseases.

All Antioxidants Are Equal

Different antioxidants fight differently with free radicals, and they can only perform well together. For instance, vitamin C repairs vitamin E, as when vitamin E neutralizes a free radical, it gets damage and then vitamin C convert and repairs it again to vitamin E, back to its original form, making it efficient to fight again.

Be Sure Of Eating ‘Super Fruits’

People have a tendency of eating ‘super fruits’ as said to be stuffed with antioxidants. But in reality, all fruits are ‘super’ each of them having distinct blend of healthful composition, including antioxidants. And by eating only those which are claimed as ‘super’, you would miss the healthy combination of nutrients that are found in other products.

Everything In Equilibrium

Excess of anything is poison, antioxidants are good, and we all can get benefits from some antioxidants. But only if it comes in balance form, with equal proportion and some are vital such as vitamin E and C. then other ordinary found in various foods like phytochemicals and carotenoids. The most essentials are Vitamin C, Zink, and Vitamin E. Hence eating one type of food could make you deficit with such essentials. Therefore consume all kind of fruit and vegetables in moderate quantity to overcome this defect.