7 Foods That Combat Aging! Must To Include In Our Diet

7 Foods that Combat Aging

Yes, it is possible to add more years to your life by eating certain foods. For an optimist, the glass is half-full, whereas for a pessimist, it is half-empty. Now, you might be pondering as what this expression has to do with this article. Read further to find out why.

What if say that you can extend your life by eating certain foods. Yes, there are several factors involved in determining a person’s lifespan, but it is possible to slow down the process of ageing and ward off age-related disorders with a healthy and balanced lifestyle, being active and eating a nutritious diet stacked with these foods.

So start including these 7 super foods in your diet.

     1. Olive oil

A few decades ago, some researchers concluded that monounsaturated fats found in olive oil help in warding off cancers and heart problems. As olive oil is a rich source of polyphenols, it serves as an excellent antioxidant to thwart various age-related disorders.

     2. Yogurt

A few legends say that yogurt served as the ultimate secret for a long life. Whilst the anti-aging potent of yogurt was never proven, but there is no doubt in the fact it is a rich source of calcium, which eventually helps to thwart osteoporosis. Yogurt even consists of good bacteria to help maintain optimum health and curb the onset of age-related diseases and intestinal problems.

3. Fish

Scientists after studying the Eskimos of Alaska came to know about the potent of including fish in out diet to ward off heart problems.Fish undoubtedly is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in and around the arteries as well as protect abnormal heartbeats.

    4. Chocolate

The risk of heart diseases is nine times less in the folks of San Blas islands compared to the people living in the mainland Panama. And, there is a sweet reason behind this amazing health fact and that is chocolate. People in the San Bas islands drink adequate quantity of beverages made from cocoa, which is an exceptionally rich source of flavanols that aid in maintaining healthy blood vessels. In addition, maintaining healthy blood vessels reduces the risks of blood pressure problems, dementia, kidney diseases and type II diabetes.

    6. Nuts

A health study proved that people who intake more nuts tend to live a couple of years more than the ones, who do not consume it. Nuts contain unsaturated fats in good quantity and thus, offer advantages quite similar to what we get from olive oil. Apart from unsaturated fats, nuts also contain phytochemicals, a few antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

   7. Wine

This might come as great news to wine lovers, as having wine in moderate quantities wards off heart disorders, age related dementia and diabetes. Of all the wines, red wine is the most beneficial when it comes to long living. Red wine consists of resveratrol, which according a study triggers the production of genes that can reduce cellular aging.

   8. Blueberries

In a popular and known research conducted in the year 1999, it was proven that rats when fed with blueberries could extend their lifespan largely. In fact, the subject rats outdid the rats that were fed with usual chow for testing coordination and balance when turned old. There are certain compounds in blueberries that lower oxidative damage and inflammation linked to age related memory problems and motor sensory function.

So, now that you are aware of these super foods, it is time you include these in your diet and lead a merrier and youthful life.