5 Foods That Hamper Weight Loss

It is the very obvious scenario when a dietician asks you to avoid eating particular food and the same is suggested in humongous numbers to you by another one! It so happens that the diet tips are never parallel and thus require lot of consideration before you blindly go munching into them as fat reduction foods!


The myth of wheat and corn being healthy and helping you in your tummy reduction!

It is so weird that we manage to indulge in whole wheat breads and preparations from corn thinking that these will give us the required energy to keep going through the day and will help us achieve the size we have always desired! It is complete secrecy that these are the foods that add on to the calorie intake and promote slowdown in the reduction of obesity however healthy it may all seem!

Sugar – The Worst Offender!

Your muffins, cookies and soft drinks taste yummy, but the tremendous quantity of sugar confined in them is very harmful for your body as it can add capacitive calories in your body. Truly said, it is the worst offender and you just won’t know. There may be a lot of other foods that are criminals as they consists of sugars which may not seem but are definitely present and are doing the crime in secrecy!

Refined Foods – Just Not Fine!

Refined sugars and refined flours can do a lot of dismay to our health! The preparations from the refined products like the crackers, cookies and other rolls as well as desserts can get you stouter with weight gain as well as fatigued! You are nothing but an undernourished body when you consume the foods that have been processed so much that they are devoid of any vitamins or nutrients!

Processed Foods! That Can Hamper Your Body’s Weight Loosing Process!

All those quick grabs that you pick while you travel to work or are indulging in some munchies while you holiday can be the focus as to why you haven’t pulled off those pounds despite exercising! The mini pizzas, the breads as well as canned fruits and juices and not to forget the jellies and jams and bacons and sausages, all fall in this category. They all are just going to make you hefty and will do no good to your body anyway as they have been processed and stored for so long that now they cannot execute any good value to your bloodstream to be absorbed for a healthy and nourished body as an end result!