3 Disciplined Habits To Control Blood Sugar Level

We are living in a society where diabetes, cardiac problems and other health issues are all the order of the day. The sad part is that this can be changed with inducing a portion of discipline in our daily lifestyle.

control-blood-sugar-levelDiabetes is one such case that can be prevented. It of course is a different story if you were born with a strong genetic predisposition.

To be able to understand how you do get affected with this health issue is the natural process of breaking food into glucose by the stomach and the intestine. Our cells require glucose for energy. In order to use the glucose, the cells also need insulin emitted by the pancreas. Excessive fat makes the body resistant to using insulin and thus the glucose stays in the blood. When the pancreas is tired of secreting more and more insulin, pre-diabetic conditions become diabetic.

There are simple ways with which we could avert the level of sugar in our blood. Diet is the number one area that should be undertaken in this process. The fact is that a balanced and nutritious diet will not only reduce your risk to diabetes, it will also optimistically impact every facet of your overall health. Read further to include habits that help you love your life.

Exercise For Body Like Oxygen For Lungs

At least 20 to 30 minutes every day should be dedicated to exercising. A few missed work-outs and poor indulged eating can worsen a person’s insulin resistance. Just imagine what an entire unhealthy routine of a couple of years would have done to your body. In order to stay true and passionate to it, choose an exercise you enjoy more. Take a dance class, shake it to the beats of Zumba or opt for a session of power Yoga, this is the easiest way to use up glucose and navigate the body out of insulin conflict.

Eat Smaller Meals Throughout The Day

The best way to avoid the highs and lows in your sugar is to eat mini meals or snacks about five times in the entire day. Try and avoid following the myth of eating only three meals and staying hungry for the rest of your day. This method is also known as the “grazing” approach. This approach provides your body with regular and steady fuel throughout. Further helping you prevent those peaks and valleys in your level that lead to over eating.

Foods You Should Choose

The foods you choose is essentially important naturally regulate sugar levels. Refined carbs and sugary sweet items should be obviously avoided as much as you can. Juice and refined breakfast cereal are also unhealthy to an extent. Eating foods that are high in fiber and protein are highly helpful.  Vegetables on a whole are a great choice, but some you need to avoid.

Potatoes, eggplant, corn and other starchy ones only tend to break down in the digestive tract, making you feel hungry very quickly, and thus should be avoided. You need to carefully choose your fruits. Mango, pineapple and other sugary tropical fruits hardly do you any good. The density and fiber content of black, white and kidney beans make them excellent to use. Another medical secret is that cinnamon should be used, since it improves your insulin.

These are three basic disciplines you need to follow. Simple and effective all they need is your strong will to lead a healthy life. Spread sweetness in your world, not your blood stream.