When To Fix A Medical Appointment For Heartburn

Heart BurnAlmost every one of us has experienced heartburn at one point in our lives. In normal scenario, it goes on its own and there is no need for taking any medicine or going to the doctor. However, there are certain times when heartburn becomes an indicative of some serious health problem. So, it is important to understand when your heartburn has taken an ugly turn and it is time to visit the doctor.

Chest Pain

When the stomach acid refluxes back into the esophagus, one could feel pain in the chest. However, it is important to call your doctor to know whether it is a heartburn or a heart attack.

When The Pain Worsens When You Lie Down

Some might suggest you to lie down, but this could actually ruin your condition as the acid might escape into the esophagus causing heartburn. It is therefore, very important that if you suffer from heartburn, never eat big meals during the night and always keep your head bed raised.

If You Have Difficulty Swallowing

This is a sign that your esophagus has got damaged. It could either be full of ulcers, or esophagus become inflamed indicating cancer of the esophagus. Another sign that could strengthen the cancer doubt is nausea followed by vomiting.

If You Are Treating Your Heartburn Yourself With Medications

Antacid is good when you suffer from occasional heartburn. However,if you have been relying on them for long and not seeing a doctor, there might be a serious problem. Many of you might not know that although such medications are safer yet their prolonged use could expose you to many other health hazards.

The prolonged usage could decrease your gastric acid and also decrease calcium absorption capacity. This could put you at risk of osteoporosis.

If The Heartburn Lasts Longer Than 15 Days

Occasional heartburn as we discussed earlier is normal; however, if it is continued for more than two weeks, it could be a reason to worry. However, in many cases over-the-counter medications work but sometimes the heartburn might be a result of some serious health problem. As constant heartburn damage the esophagus, it increases your chances for esophageal cancer.

When Cough Does Not Go Even With Medicines And Syrups

Changing weather and some other health problems could give you cough. However, if the cough does not go with the medications and is accompanied by pain in the chest, then you should fix an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible. Constant cough could damage the esophagus and so it is important to seek treatment atthe right time.

Heartburn Is More Severe Than Usual

As already said, everyone suffers from heartburn once in his or her lifetime. However, if this time it is quite severe, you should waste no time in visiting the doctor and seek reasons for such occurrence. If you are a heart patient and taking medications such as calcium channel blockers or nitrates, well, these medications could also cause acid reflux. If you suspect that it is because of these medications that you are suffering from heartburn, speak to your doctor and ask him to make changes in the medication or the strength of the medicine.

Take heartburn seriously and if you notice anything seriously, do not waste time and seek an appointment with the doctor immediately.