Treatment For Travelling Aches, Pains

There are many times when we suffer from back aches, pains, knee problems, stress due to unavoidable pain,and etc. There are many instances wherein you are not able to cope up with troubles caused with travelling. Car travelling, bus or even train travelling seems to be a problem due to long journey.

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Travelling of long distances should be avoided when a person is suffering from major back pains, or severe injuries etc. as it may lead to further complications. Prolonged sitting in a bus or a car can create problems for a body.

There are a few tips or ways through which one can avoid pains and aches while travelling:

1.  Consider travelling as an adventure: do not stress yourself before you even start your journey. Warm up and think of this journey as an adventure, even if you are travelling in a car, plane or a bus. In a car make sure you stretch your legs so as to avoid any swelling. Make sure your legs are at ninety degrees.

2.  Exercise when you are travelling in a car so that you avoid any discomfort and fatigue. Count till ten to tighten your muscles and then your gluteal muscles. Roll your shoulders back and forward but make sure your hands are on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. Otherwise this exercise can lead to something which all wouldn’t want.

3.  To reduce arm and hand pain while driving, hold the steering wheel at approximately 3 o’clock and 7 o’clock, and keep on switching it periodically to 10 and o’clock. While always being careful to keep your eyes on the road, vary your focal point while driving to reduce the risk of eye fatigue and tension headaches.
Take rest breaks in between. Do not over exert yourself and do not hurry to reach your destination. Enjoying your journey is more important.

4.  While you travel in a plane tuck a pillow beneath your back above the beltline and slowly lay another pillow across the gap between your neck and the headrest. Avoid lifting bags which are of heavier weight like five kilo grams and above as you already are suffering from a problem in the lower neck of your body. While you are seated vary your position so that you do not cause any muscle cramps to your body. Avoid sitting directly under the air controls as the draft can increase the pain in your neck and shoulder muscles. See to it that you do not cause any injury to your muscles or your nervous system that is why take adequate measures while your journey.

5.  Keep doing neck stretches to avoid any tension in your neck.

6.  After you come from a long day of journey keep an ice cold water bottle under your feet or roll your feet under a tennis ball to get some relief for your legs. This will help you to massage the sore arches and soothe the overworked soles caused due to long journey and travel in no time.