The 7 Back Pain Conditions Witnessed Frequently

Back pains are of different types and the severity of each one of the problem is different. The disc problems and muscle strain are the common back pain problems.

back-pain-conditionThe types of back problems are night time back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, osteoarthritis, acute pain, neuropathic pain and chronic pain.

Night Time Back Pain: This is a serious problem associated with the back. As the name suggests the problem arises whenever you sleep. This problem arises due to problem experienced by the spine. A person cannot get a sleep during however he can manage the day pain-free. During the night the pain gets worse and individual lack sufficient sleep.

Chronic Back Problem: This problem is experienced by the people for several months. The pain can stop for certain time but returns again.  It is a temporary pain which starts at any time and lasts for few weeks or days. The main reason for developing the acute back pain is lifting of some heavy stuff or twists occurring in the back muscles. Acute back pain can be mild as well as severe and is developed in lower and upper areas. In case of severe conditions you may have to go to doctor for consultation.

Sciatica: This is a very common problem which occurs due to irritation in sciatic nerve. The nerve begins at lower back and extends to the back side of the leg through pelvic area. This is known as the largest nerve in human body. This condition causes extreme pain in lower back and back of the leg. This may cause numbness, tingling and weakness in the lower back and legs. If the pain becomes unbearable consultation becomes very important.

Herniated Disc: It is back problem that is developed in lumbar spine and it is located in between the hips and ribs in the spinal column. Discs are responsible for cushioning and protect the backbone and help it move. A herniated disc is occurred when the disc presses the nerves that are surrounded by the spine. Herniated disc is similar to slipped disc or ruptured disc. When a person becomes older the cushioning decreases, so a herniated disc is more found in old people.

Osteoarthritis: This is the back problem that arises due to aging process. Those people who are above 60 are prone to this back problem. This back problem is responsible for damaging the cartilage and cushioning present between the bones. Due to this one part of the spine aches while getting off the bed.

Acute Pain: Acute pain lasts for about 6 months and causes damage to tissues directly. This pain is experienced due to finger pricked by needle and paper cut etc. Acute pain is also caused by touching a hot iron or stove, labor pains etc. The pains experienced during these moments are acute and thus you may have to go to the doctor.

Neuropathic Pain: Neuropathic pain is also called as nerve pain and the pain experienced is unseen and not related to the injury. Due to this pain, certain nerves keep on sending messages of pain to the brain even though there is no damage to the tissues.

In all these conditions, individual have to visit doctors for regular check-ups and due to reoccurring of the pains.