Save Your Body From Steroid Abuse

Many people take steroids for a certain period but they do not know is that it could lead to some side effects too. These may be for a short time and face away quickly.

save-body-from-steroid-abusePeople who use it show symptoms like premature acne, depression, rapid, weight gain and loss of hair. The amount of steroids used can be linked with higher risks for heart ailments like strokes or attacks too. Steroids, when taken in an injectable form could cause a bacterial attack, hepatitis B and even HIV. Besides these risks, steroids in short could trigger a lot other unwanted bodily changes like growth of breast and sagging of genitals in men especially, hair loss etc. Given below are a few short term side effects.

  • •  Water Retention. Abnormal buildup of fluids in the circulatory system, water retention could contribute to major problems.
  • •  Weight Gain. Consuming steroids craves for more food and hence results in weight gain.
  • •  Insomnia. High strength of steroids can be held responsible for unwanted sleeping pattern further caused by stress and anxiety.
  • •  Skin Rash. The intake of steroids can lead to lot of skin allergies especially on those people who have a sensitive skin.
  • •  High Blood Pressure. Steroids pump up the estrogen levels and increases water level in the body, which leads to high blood pressure.

The side effects of steroids are well-known and people know this too that with its use, it has ruined many lives. Those who use on a non-prescribed purpose will only cause danger to their health. sports people use it often as these so-called drugs prevent the production of natural hormones and have limited performance boosting properties. The side effects totally depend on the amount of usage. If its exceeds more, they could cause many health problems.

When sudden changes occur in the human body, ailments like kidney malfunction, high blood pressure, and diabetes and insulin blockage too be caused. With women users, irregular menstrual cycles, unnatural hair growth is common whereas in men, steroid intake could lead to impotency, sterility too. The other possible side effects of using steroids abuse are anxiety, stress, sexual issues, reduced sperm production in men and increased libido.

Steroid act on androgen receptors on cells like muscle ones in order to increase the production of tissue by changing testosterone to show up its effects. it in short has the ability to restrict the effects of cortisol which is a catabolic hormone. Times have changed and so does the market value or steroids. Today many of the online stores are up to selling these products on the websites too. However, it is advised that steroids must only be used when a qualified medical person recommends it.

How The Usage Of Steroids Cane Be Avoided?

Steroids when used in moderation could pose no harm but its abuse could take a tool on the user’s life. One has to be cautious enough when using it. Kids and adults must be taught about the merits and demerits of using steroids. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to have a fit body then probably the use of steroids could help but one must bear in mind not to overuse them.