Relationship Between Hepatitis And Oral Health

Isn’t it so weird to find out that if your mum was suffering from Hepatitis C while you were in her tummy, the same got passed on to you, while it showed no relevant symptoms in you for a long time and today your infected liver has got you much of those unhealthy teeth and bleeding gums – well this is the exact scenario in the case of the association between Hepatitis C and oral health.

hepatitis-and-oralhealthHepatitis C is the disorder whereby the person can be transmitted with the Hepatitis C Virus by sexual intercourse, by using the infected needles used while tattooing or even using illegal administered drugs.  Blood transfusion and needles are the most common culprits for the presence of Hepatitis C in people who later on suffer from dental abnormalities too.

While you get dressed to attend a social gathering with friends or with family, you definitely want to wear the most aesthetic and the most natural and pretty ornament of smile on yourself so that you can acknowledge everyone’s presence there and greet with a happy heart. But however, if you have the slightest doubts on your pretty ornament of smile that apparently isn’t pretty anymore due to the Hepatitis C doing its work over it, you may just want to sit back home in stress! Thus, you need to make sure to diagnose the problems of your dental care and check with your dentist to rid away those unhealthy bits from yourself.

Swelling and bleeding gums, teethe which are yellow and bleeding away, sore mouth, drying up of the mouth as well as lack of saliva in the mouth which can even lead to bad breadth are the various problems that you may come across while you suffer from Hepatitis C.

Make sure that if you are getting tattooed or even administering yourself with any legal or illegal drugs, that you are using a clean syringe that you just puffed out from a new pack and only then utilize it! If you are pregnant make sure that you are not diagnosed with the disorder, as it will unduly be passed on to your new off spring and that shall not be the best scenario.

If you have been complaining about the problems of your teeth that outdo any of those normal teeth yellowing and teeth pain – such as chronic pain, difficulty in relaxing as well as pain in the gums that you cannot bear; are a matter of concern and should be looked in to!

You never know that a liver can get infected and show heavy symptoms after long years which can even affect your external appearance – and this could be the worst scenario in anyone’s life. To treat your oral health is important but however, to find the root cause and treat it from the base will give long lasting effects in the treatment.