Reasons Behind Feeling Restlessness During Nights

If you have been binging on to the bars of chocolates and other sweet muffins and cookies you are most likely to develop free energy from them, as its time to get into bed, but however, you have lots of energy on you from these carbohydrates which is keeping your body fast going!

restless-sleepThus, to get into the simple calm mode of a “silent night” is just really tough! You could just call it the “sugar rush” that has hushed your sleep!

You are surely not a cop responsible for the city or even a president of the country that you got your mind thinking and over thinking about some stuff – disturbing or pleasing. When your mind is on the go, it keeps your heart beat paced at the same level too! And rather than feeling cosy and drowsy, you are all set to march in for an attack on your enemy!

Prey to the body clock?

You’re just not tired and have relaxed all day long to feeling any drowsiness or sleepiness in the night hours! Or is it the caffeine that you sipped on off late that is showing its wonderful effects till yet and not letting you grab on to your favourite pillow and blanket! Any of these could be the reason of keeping you away from the “shut-eye” and just out of the heated up quarrel in your mind as to why you are not sleepy, you may just be shooing it away completely from yourself!

Mostly it is the summers also that keep your body so hot that while it tries to calm out the temperature, your mind has just frowned and heated up to not get your rested and calmed out body any sleep, anymore!

Get yourself the calm room and the warm milk!

Warm milk is said to have its effects on the body to make babies and adults go to bed in a peaceful mode. It releases melatonin and this big boon can help you regularise your sleeping cycle and thus your lifestyle pattern! However, it is necessary to make sure you also grab on to your favourite soothing music and a cosy room in order to feel the comfort of being in bed all set to pass out for the night to invite a lovely morning the next day!

Exert yourself and maintain a disciplined regime!

If you abide by sleeping the particular time range of your day and make sure you are not indulging and cheating in to tiny naps through the day especially in the afternoon after a heavy meal, you will definitely not wander around sleepless nights! Make sure you are exercising and working through the day which will give you a tiring and worth it day and you surely will indulge in a night of worthy and peaceful sleep!

In very extreme cases, sedatives and sleeping pills can be of huge help, provided you don’t have any allergy or infection on their administration.