Osteoporosis – Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

Many of us may not exactly know what Osteoporosis is all about. But this certainly is one of the most common diseases found among many these days. After a certain period of time, bones do become fragile and therefore the chances of the bones getting fractured arises quite often. This happens due to the low density of calcium within the bones that unknowingly leads to Osteoporosis.


Read the below article and get to know some vital information’s regarding the causes and cure of this disease.

What Exactly Are Osteoporosis And Its Cause?

It is estimated that among every 15 people, at least 7 have a major chance to develop osteoporosis in the future. In the United States of America it has been found that Osteoporosis have been a threat to public health for about 44% of people aging above 50. As per the National Osteoporosis foundation (NOF), currently about 10 to 11 million people are suffering from this disease and about 34 to 35 million people are slowly developing slow bone masses which may lead to develop the chances of Osteoporosis in the coming future.


One of the most negative things about this disease is that there may not be any such severe symptoms at the very initial stage of the person suffering from it. It takes very long time or even a period of about several years to detect whether a person is suffering from osteoporosis or not. But still sometimes there are certain rare symptoms that may help you to eradicate this disease at a very early stage. This may include:

  • Pain in the joint regions
  • Facing difficulties while standing and sitting

Sometimes, there are instances that a person may easily get fractures around his spine, wrist or bone region that may be because of Osteoporosis.

Who All Can Face This Problem In Future?

As we all know that the disease osteoporosis is a serious one and thereby we surely would not like to have this one within us. But sometimes there are instances that people may get infected with osteoporosis, here are some of the possibilities of those who can face this problem in their future.

  • Most of the women after their menopause are prone to develop osteoporosis and therefore they need to take immense care of themselves.
  • The chances of a woman developing osteoporosis are double in terms of men as they are born with a weaker bone as compared to men.
  • Also the age factor plays a major role. Every time a person grows older, the bone mass lowers slowly and steadily and hence the chances of that person to suffer from osteoporosis arise incredibly.
  • Those who got HIV are also more prone to develop Osteoporosis within them.
  • Osteoporosis is also hereditary. People of whose close relatives or siblings have been suffered from osteoporosis can also get this within them.
  • Small body framed people can also sometimes suffer from osteoporosis as these people tend to be very thin and as a result their bone mass is much lower than that of a healthy person.
  • A person who smokes regularly will also be affected by osteoporosis, in fact the chances of them to suffer from it is higher than all the rest.
  • Those who consume frequent alcohol can also get affected by osteoporosis in their coming future as alcohol plays a very major role in undermining the bone formation which surely is very injurious for your health.
  • Last but the least would be those who suffer from immense depression. Those who suffer from an extreme depression have a chance of losing the bone mass faster than that of the rest.

How To Prevent Ourselves From Facing Osteoporosis?

As we all know that prevention is always better than cure, therefore we need to know some of the best ways of how we can prevent osteoporosis to contact us.

  • Consumption of Calcium:

Calcium is one of the most basic vitamins which are very much essential for a human body. Without proper calcium, one may surely have a big chance of getting affected by osteoporosis in his future. Those who are above the age of 50 should make sure that they consume at least 1200mg calcium every day; whereas those who are under  the age group of 50 should make sure that they consume a minimum of 1000mg of calcium each day.

  • Exercising is a Must:

Many of us these days have become a fitness freak and therefore we need to know exactly what needs to be done so that we stay fit. Exercising doesn’t always mean hitting the gym only, but can also be something that helps us to carry our own body in a right way. Hobbies such as dancing and walking every morning can truly be of a great help.

  • Avoid Alcohols and Cigarettes:

Alcohol and smoking can big time be the main reason of you looses an intense amount of your bone mass and therefore, it would be better to avoid consuming Alcohols and cigarettes.

  • Avoid Caffeine:

If you extensively love those soft drinks then it’s high time that you stop consuming them on a daily basis. Caffeine or soda has certain elements within them that can affect your bones there by developing a chance of you getting osteoporosis.