Office Knee Syndrome The New Age Disorder

This term might be new to you but Office Knee Syndrome is a condition associated with the knee. We have had unexplainable knee pain for long, despite the fact that we do not indulge in intense physical activities. This leaves many of us wondering whether how this condition arises. Perhaps here is an answer to your confusion. Office Knee syndromeAccording to latest researches it is recorded that around 25% of office going individuals aging between 16 years to 65 years may suffer from keen pain. It is recorded that these number of individuals have been living with the condition for around 2 years now. It is also studied that these individual suffer from knee pain due to constantly sitting in front of your desk for long hours over years.

Office going people usually do not do too intense activities still they suffer from joint pains. Factors that are attributed to pain experienced by such individuals include slouching, sitting crossed legs, increasing obesity, carrying heavy bags etc. According to experts it is said that too much time spent in front of the desk and computer is the chief culprit causing office knee syndrome in numerous people. With low physical activities and worsening diet human are becoming prone to several health activities. Experts explain that such dramatic increase in the number or knee pain and other health issues is mostly due to sedentary lifestyle that people lead nowadays. There are numerous people with affected lifestyle and stationary desk based jobs those are also prone to such conditions. In fact most of these men have been working in front of the same desk for over 10 to 20 years now.

Though obesity is considered to be the chief culprit of various joint issues, some experts assert that sitting cross-legged for long time may also be the reason behind Office Knee syndrome. Sitting cross legged makes the weight to be tolerated by just one of the two bones used for sitting. This can cause a twist in your lower spinal region, alter the muscle mass of your lower back as well as affect your stride. In fact, some health care experts also suggest that sitting cross-legged increase your chances of suffering from knee issues drastically. Hence, it is highly suggested to avoid sitting cross legged. You should ensure that your sitting position while you work is quite comfortable. You should try to invest in an under desk footrest which will help you have a comfortable posture.

It is also reported that pressure on the upper leg and knee may also cause physical conditions such as varicose veins. This may also considerably affect the circulation of the blood. For women it is suggested to avoid wearing your high heels during work. Sit in a comfortable position with your stretched and wider. If you are already suffering from knee pain or other body pain ensure that you consult a doctor. A physiotherapist will suggest you exercises and sitting postures that should help you in reducing pain. However, the key is to reduce pressure from you knee and ensure that you sit in a less strenuous position.