Myopia And Hyperopia – Similarities And Differences


Here are definitions of both the conditions to help you gain better understanding of the condition.

Definition Myopia:

Myopia is also commonly referred to as nearsightedness. This is a common anomaly associated with vision. In this condition wherein objects near to you can be seen clearly but object that are far appearing to be blurred. The intensity of the condition may also hinder your focus on distant objects. People with severe myopia can only see objects that are a few inches away from the eye range while for other objects they may need aid. On the other hand people who suffer from mild myopia can have a clear view for yards but beyond that things starts appearing blurry. This condition may develop either rapidly or it may grow gradually over the course of time, it may start from the childhood and run through adolescence. This condition can be genetic and may run in families. Basic eye examination can help in determining its prevalence. You can have normal sight with the help of eye gears such as contact lenses and glasses. In some cases surgery may be suggested.

Definition Hyperopia:

Hyperopia a scientific term used to refer to a condition also commonly known as Farsightedness. This is another common condition associated with the sight or vision. In this condition the objects that are far can be seen clearly while things that are near are blurry. This condition affects your focus on things that are near. People affected with severe hyperopia will be able to see only those objects that are at a distance with clear views. People with mild intensity of farsightedness can also see objects that are slightly farther than closer. Similar to Myopia even Hyperopia is usually a genetic condition that runs in families. There are ways to treat this condition. These may include glasses, contact lenses and surgical operations.

Symptoms Of Myopia:

  • Blurred sight when looking at an object at distance
  • Need to close the eye partially or squint in order to have a clearer view
  • Headache experience due to too much strain on the eye
  • Difficulty seeing things while driving especially during night

Symptoms Of Hyperopia:

  • Objects that are near may appear to be blurry
  • In order to have clearer vision you may need to squint your eyes
  • Experiencing too much strain on the eye along with burning sensation and pain around the eye
  • You may suffer from general discomfort of the eye
  • While reading and writing or performing other such task you may face difficulties or bring things close to your eye

It is essential to consult your doctor even if you experience even slightest anomaly experienced by you in associated with the sight. Consulting your doctor will help you in obtaining appropriate treatment for the condition. Treatment usually involves external aid such as contact lenses, glasses etc. In some cases surgery may be suggested if found suitable.