Insomnia And Its Types

Insomnia typesInsomnia is a scrupulous type of sleep disorder that many of us are aware of and suffer from quite often. Insomnia can happen to anyone anytime, regardless of his/her age. This disorder is seen more in women than in men. There are many causes of Insomnia, which are quite common. They are weak immune system that one may be suffering from.

There are many children that take too much of stress when their performance deteriorates in the school or college which is again one of the causes of Insomnia. Working class of the society also suffers from Insomnia when too much stress is taken regarding performance, salary hike, and etc.

There are 2 kinds of Insomnia that one may be suffering from.

  1. Primary Insomnia is the kind of sleep disorder which is not directly related to the health issues.
  2. Secondary Insomnia is a kind of sleep disorder which includes health issues and some other causes generated by arthritis, cancer, depression, and etc.

Acute and Chronic Insomnia

Insomnia is also classified on the basis of how many times it occurs to an individual and for the duration it lasts. When Insomnia occurs for a short duration or for a short period of time it is called acute Insomnia, and when Insomnia is continuing and for a longer duration it is considered to be chronic. When insomnia persists only for a night in a week it is considered to be acute insomnia but when you suffer from insomnia three days per week it is considered to be severe and chronic.

  a. Acute Insomnia

   As said above that sleep disorder for a short period of time is considered to be acute insomnia.


  • A long illness which may be caused due to a period of frequent toilet visits
  • Stressed about a particular problem which seems to be difficult to deal with
  • Shock that may be upsetting you due to a close death of someone close


  • Any person suffering from insomnia may be of a habit of getting early than the desired time
  • Getting up quite frequently due to some tension or upsetting moments in mind
  • Tension headaches, sleeplessness, fatigue, and etc.

  b. Chronic Insomnia

Many people suffer from chronic insomnia due to the modern life status we follow, where we have to be up to the mark    with life and its ups and downs. Every 1 out of 10 people suffer from chronic insomnia.


  • Long term stress that a person may be suffering from and frequent anxiety attacks
  • Bad and unhealthy sleeping environment
  • Health problems an individual is suffering since long.


  • Worrying about sleeping very often and becoming uncoordinated in your daily work schedule.
  • Daytime sleepiness one may be suffering from
  • Irritability and etc.

Insomnia can create disturbance in any person’s life who is suffering from it and that is why it is very essential for any individual to determine and take right actions quickly before it’s too late. Sleeping on time and getting over you problems through meditation and medication are some of the ways which can help you return to your normal life.